Carnivore Dreams – More Chauvin Thoughts

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Nobody liked that video of George Floyd. Nobody.

And yet this is not “justice.” They might as well have lynched the guy.

Nobody cared that George Floyd said he couldn’t breathe BEFORE he was put on the ground, or that he ASKED to be put on the ground. Or that using police procedure Chauvin could have tazed him and thrown him in the police van which surely would have killed him on the spot.

It’s unclear why he didn’t allow paramedics to help sooner or why with that many cops they couldn’t get him up and in the van sooner. The only thing that was possibly negligent.

But clearly the guy was out of his head on drugs and his health was precarious before any of this nightmare began.

One can argue bad judgment or even negligent manslaughter. Maybe.

But murder?

Who in their right mind would ever become a cop anymore? And now these leftist idiots want to defund the police and take away our right to protect ourselves from criminals and from a tyrannical government–no distinction from criminals.

Who believes this guy got a fair trial with Maxine Waters and all left media justifying mob rule– they shouldn’t even have a trial according to one Hollywood idiot?

This is a travesty of justice. Ten years on a manslaughter charge is the most this guy should have received and that would have been plenty. Instead we lynched this guy from the nearest tree, pig’s blood and heads dropped Godfather style (on the wrong doorstep, but they got the message) and politicians screaming for his head.

What country is this??

A country that now believes one person can easily be forfeited as a political prisoner to push their narrative–that America is a racist country. And all conservatives are racist. The best and freest country on earth–not perfect–just the best. A push for a one-party rule which if HR1 passes, is a foregone conclusion.

My daughter has been crying for days. In four months, this place is unrecognizable. She feels her childhood has been ripped away from her–everything she counted on.

But this is a warning to all you liberal “moderates.” If one person’s rights can be stripped from them for the good of the whole, our Republic has ceased to exist. And soon it will be your rights.

Already, you hear crap like getting a vaccine is your “patriotic duty.” What bullshit. Already it’s all about the collective. Getting a vaccine is an individual decision based upon risk and your health –to be made with your doctor. Lots of reasons child bearing aged women should not do it, or pregnant women, or people who have had blood clots (my father wants it anyway, second shot this Tues. despite a history of blood clots). I have auto-immune problems and this can trigger more of that and I’ve had an anaphylactic reaction before. The list goes on and on for good reasons that account for vaccine hesitancy. I could make a whole post on it. But anyone who decides not to do it at this point is demonized even by “friends.”

It’s hard to watch tv or a sports program or have any peace without being inundated with leftist propaganda and politics.

There is no life and no justice anymore. Not for Derek Chauvin and not for us.

The new order is here.

3 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – More Chauvin Thoughts

  1. I’m just crazy enough to believe that all of this is some bizarre kabuki theater that’s all been put on to advance an agenda, that within six months Derek Chauvin and George Floyd will be living next door to each other in Costa Rica…

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