Carnivore Dreams – Day 21 or so and BOAT!

Ok, it’s red and not all white or mostly white like I wanted. And needs a good detailing, teak refinished and the trailer painted. And it stalls in idle right now and has no speedometer. However, the electronics will have that. When we get it.

Just ordered life jackets, porta potty (there is a closet room for that for privacy, an icebox that looks like a fridge and an alcohol stove that was never used. Oh, and a sink! Doesn’t smell too bad and will be better once a good cleaning/refinishing job is done.

It IS red/pinkish inside but looks better in person than in the pictures. Gray and red.

Maybe name her the Leora Jean, or the Clara Jean after our mothers or Hilary Elizabeth after our daughter.

So once we get the deck on the house stained and trim touched up, porch paint, garden readied, potatoes and garlic planted, we can start work on it. Boat place can’t work on engine and things for three weeks so that give us a lots of time for outside work. Of all kinds. Should be very exciting there.

We will reserve transient slips for 4th of July week in Elk Lake, and Harbor Days week in Grand Traverse Bay. I think we can reserve slips in Elk Lake already, but have to start calling at 8 a.m. May 15th for the big bay.

Diet going ok. Not hungry anymore. Nice when you get to the no cravings part. Will wait for another week to check weight. Not too focused on that anymore.

Tomorrow looking forward to repotting and readying the garden, maybe getting potatoes in. Still waiting for garlic to arrive. Said it shipped days ago along with some other seeds. But nothing yet. Ah, tracking says end of day today! Good news.

Dream incubation really works. Concentrated on remembering, making notes, and used my Mugwort by the bedside. Mom didn’t arrive, but I was lucid dreaming and remembering. We were buying another apartment complex in Hawaii and needed to visit it every two months. My boys were still at home and planned to have my son John get Josh on the bus while we were gone. He agreed. Nice trip every couple months! I wish!

Happy Thursday, folks.

2 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Day 21 or so and BOAT!

  1. You don’t need to worry about your diet, sounds like you will be working it off! Sounds like the boat will be a good one when you’re finished doing what you want to it. After all, it can’t be bad with a potty, that is a must!

    1. Yep, got to have at least a potty room! Yeah, we will have to do all the cleaning and detailing ourselves. We’ll be lucky to get fishing gear this year! But maybe some nice time on the water nonetheless. Everyone is buying boats this year. You can’t buy a new boat or a new bicycle this year. People plan to spend time outside. We were lucky to get that used boat before someone snapped it up.

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