Carnivore Dreams – Protein Day, I don’t know — maybe 28 now?

Tomahawk Ribeye - Picture of Ruth's Chris Steak House ...
Ruth’s steakhouse

Oh my god. Can you believe how good that looks? Medium rare. I hear you might have to take out a second mortgage to eat there, but have always wanted to go to Ruth’s one time!

Ok, tomorrow I’m going to post on Jordan Peterson — been reading him and saw his interview on Tucker. Lots to say about him — thank God for people like him and Glen Greenwald and Tucker and others. Will post tomorrow on it.

But today, I was also reading Mark Sisson, my fitness guru. And just as I was coming to this realization myself, he posted about protein amounts. He had originally been eating and recommending 1 gram per body weight. Then he started worrying about MTOR and IGF-1 (I think it is) and things I worried about (so I’d fast). He had added more fat and cut back on protein for many years and it wasn’t working, so he’s increased it again. As I have.

I weigh about 125 pounds or so and have increased meat (mostly beef) to 1 – 1 1/2 pounds/day, and some eggs, bit of cheese, little chicken and fish and stuff. And my health is improving fast, not to mention my body composition, muscle tone. My thumb isn’t shaking as much and more. Heart not jumping around much. But I cannot recommend this more–at least for anyone with auto-immune problems or chronic health problems that won’t improve.

I can’t wait to see how I’ll feel (and look) in another month. I’m so upset my health has suffered all this time from listening to their “guidelines” and terrified these leftists will try to eliminate beef.

Mark’s article is great and I’ll post a link to it here. It goes into more research on all of it. But the mistake I made on carnivore was not eating ENOUGH beef.

But happy Wednesday, folks. The sun finally came out here and we are painting tomorrow. I hope things are going well.

Here it is:

A Fresh Look at High-Protein | Mark’s Daily Apple (

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