Carnivore Dreams – Horowitz and Losing Friends –and Two Americas

A Tale of Two Americas - On Point Preparedness

This is what I wrote I wasn’t able to post on an article written by David Horowitz, link here, in which he writes about being attacked by a “friend” of 67 years. First, his article:

My Former Friends Have Joined the Fascists | Frontpagemag

And so I wrote this. I am not certain if my friend I refer to here still reads my blog or not. But this is how I see what’s happened to my close relationships in light of this last election and subsequent censorship. (Though I know this has been happening for decades, really.) Here it is. I couldn’t get it to post on Horwitz’s article since I no longer have social media:

Well, this totalitarian shift is so drastic, that it is causing major changes in friendships and families. One “friend” of mine lied to me again after he said he was going to vote for Trump and claimed he couldn’t do this radical left garbage (he’s done this twice–what kind of friend do you have when you have no idea who he is and thinks it’s fine to lie anytime it suits him–and then he called us white supremacists essentially–anyone protesting this election is an insurrectionist–untenable situation there); another friend called me evil and hung up on me repeatedly, though she’s not well, so I have not lost my temper. I presume we are no longer friends; one I’m doing pretty well with since he’s not a hypocrit but also not really up on politics; and one I would say it was I caused the chasm. She was a very very close friend of mine who I found out was a Bernie supporter a year or so before the election. Back when we were still making the mistake of n ot taking these radicals seriously enough. But we did ok until this election and this censorship. Until I was cancelled from Michigan’s literary community. It’s not that I hate her or anything of the sort. I will always love her. It’s just simply I’m a writer and she is not even vocal about this censorship. She is not standing up for my right to be heard. For our right to dissent. Which is everything America stands for. (Even though the left did this to Donald Trump for five years–every day they called him illegitimate, a traitor — all with no evidence. And while weaponizing our justice department. All this is not “insurrection.” Apparently. They think it is ok to shut down dissent against THEM.)

It’s not so much that you cut someone out of your life as that you really have not a thing in common anymore since you see life so differently. Since you must? It’s very very sad. Donald Trump exposed the left (and fought against it, as Horowitz says) in ways that have never happened before. And the reality is that he pointed out a divide that had been widening for decades–because Republicans didn’t want to fight the way the left does and we kept getting pushed further left until this country is a fascist and unrecognizable nightmare. Donald Trump represents an enormous base who is done being pushed left.

So losing her is heartbreaking, but she refuses to have any kind of dialogue about any of it and what remains true: we must be very very different now. Or were we always? I have no idea. We are not cruel to each other –I’ve said things exactly as I’m saying them now –and I’m certain she thinks I’ve put politics between us, though she doesn’t respond even to that admission anymore, but that is exactly what I say to her. “How do we move forward? I’m going to be fighting this every step of the way and it’s a huge deal to me; I won’t be able to be myself at all.” Our relationship would have to change so much as to be as unrecognizable as this country is to me now. One thing she did say early on is she claims we still have spirituality in common, but she doesn’t realize they are coming after that, too. Very sad times.

The left is joining with huge companies and media, Big Tech, to curb opposition — either by shared fanaticism–or threats to their existence. Trying to remove any semblance of a fair election (and Horowitz discusses the irregularities in that article — we see it exactly the same way. Why doesn’t the left allow us to audit any of this and why are they trying to make obvious fraud legal? We don’t know for sure who won that election, but as he points out it defies logic that Trump could receive more votes than any president ever– and this guy who has obvious dementia and never came out of his basement would win so few counties, way fewer than Obama, but way outperform him? It certainly needs investigating and election integrity restored or this country really will come apart). Purging the military? Can you say Gestapo anyone? Packing the court, adding states? Punishing political opponents. Raiding Guiliani’s home. While turning a blind eye to actual crimes committed by Hunter Biden, including selling influence to our enemies? I keep asking people on the left to point out one actual authoritarian move Donald Trump made. What censorship did he try, law did he pass that interfered with your rights or anyone else’s. And I can give them a totalitarian list that should terrify any American. They can’t do it. And of course, they completely lied about what he said in Charlottesville. Even Biden flat out lied about it. Trump isn’t even a racist let alone a traitor. He’s a flawed human being, not a very accomplished politician which was what some liked. A womanizer, at least in his past. But he was none of the things they accused him of.

In Horowitz’s case, it really appears his “friend” is a vindictive person and no help for that. But I do not feel like that at all. I simply can’t see how you move forward in a world so clearly demarcated. And when it’s clear we will now have separate social media, separate schools, separate entertainment and movie companies, and separate news media, it isn’t likely to be repaired anytime soon. (As an adjunct professor I was always for the free exchange of all ideas, but that is no longer the case in America’s higher education system — or even in grade school).

The other problem is the left has politicized absolutely every aspect of life. We can’t leave it out of sports or even out of going to the bathroom. They have left no speck of life where we can still unite. These “woke people” have made life miserable, even their own, as Roger Daltry, The Who, says. I think it was him.

He has that right.

So we will have two Americas now.

And, it appears, we’ll align with new friends. Like everything in life, there will be good that comes out of this. Eventually. Even if we can’t see it now.

Happy Monday, folks. Hang in there.

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