Carnivore Dreams – male and female influences – the hate on against the masculine – and the balance of nature

Male or female: who determines a new born's gender ...

It is true that both sexes have both hormones in their bodies, though women have less testosterone and men have less estrogen or estradiol. And perhaps those amounts vary some which accounts for some gender confusion. Who knows.

But society has become more feminized particularly in the last thirty years, something women (and most educators) seem to consider a good thing and the moral high ground. One of my favorite writers when I was a growing up, a woman named Taylor Caldwell, constantly warned about the dangers of the feminization of our culture; they called her a male chauvinist. Which seemed ludicrous to me.

But “toxic masculinity” and maleness of any sort (especially WHITE maleness) have become such cultural abominations that male educators (and woke journalists) bend over backwards in metaphorical castration, apologizing not only for every atrocity ever perpetuated by men, but for having been born with testicles in the first place. Especially white ones.

It is true that men have annoyed me most of my life with some pretty childish behavior, many of them never reaching any kind of real emotional maturity until quite late in their lives. And they do seem to be the cause of most of the violence and other brutal crimes perpetuated upon the human race. Yet it’s now disgusting watching these woke male apologists grovel publically in shame at having been born male. And while this is ridiculous and disgusting enough, women are just as annoying.

I read a lot of blogs these days and many of them are filled with feminine virtue signaling to the point of nausea. Now I know I must always have been endowed with more testosterone than many women because the extent of this is truly truly nauseating. Not that I can’t see the motivation. Women, but even some men, in these blogs seem bent over backwards, when faced with some of the most heinous assaults on human liberty and dignity in probably a century, bent over backwards to not say anything, and I mean anything, that can be construed as judgmental or negative or critical. The bigger the human rights transgressions, the more authoritarian the government, the more they seem compelled to write about love, tolerance, gratitude (now I’m all for those things, don’t get me wrong), but they do not preclude standing up against in justice, for courage in the face of fear, the latter being male traits.

Now since I think the chance of this world never being threatened by fanatic lunatics (who I consider these elite globalists and this “woke generation” — a threat being perpetrated by the feminine archetypes run amok– an appeal to an illogical utopian dream that requires real cruelty and the sacrifice of the individual to attain to be a pipe-dream–the chance that the world being this idyllic place where we all live in, this utopian Garden of Eden, to be a complete fantasy, whether driven by a male Hitler-like Nazi world dominator, or a group of eunich-like feminine global “new world order” fanatics like Bill Gates and Barack Obama– since a utopia of any kind is nothing but that pipe dream and the threat of these crazies of some sort or another will always be there, sometimes the answer to this is not “silence, tolerance, love and acceptance” — as I’m sure most of the people thought in Nazi Germany. But this is the inclination of people living in an already overly-feminized world.

Women can’t seem to tolerate competition of any kind. Outcomes should always be equal. Merit and hard work, innovation, creativity should not be rewarded. Nor should risk be rewarded. Women and other “woke feminized men” who have never assumed risk do not understand it. They have never gone without to create jobs and livelihoods for other people. We have, running several businesses. (Now some of these monopolies need to be broken up: Amazon, Big Tech, many banks and insurance companies, possibly even car companies — that monopolize too much of any industry whether it be retail, information, banking or insurance or more.) But our culture is now being dominated by people who have no respect or any understanding whatsoever of risk, innovation, creativity, intellectual property. And they have no respect for it. Especially RISK.

Risk is a male attribute. Safety is a feminine one. A business entrepreuneur goes without for many years while his employees do not, usually has big capital invested in the endeavor, or “big” to him –also his employees do not. And this is NOT always inherited wealth. Not at all. We started our remodeling business with nothing, bought rental houses and apartments putting down payments on credit cards, yet we provided jobs and housing for many people and have worked on long term capital gains which was to be our retirement (something now jeapardized by “unrealized capital gains” taxes, “40% capital gains taxes” and “death taxes” so we can’t even leave anything to our children to run. And we are NOT RICH. Not even real high middle class. Solidly middle class.

Long story short. Masculinity like whiteness is now demonized. Passion is now demonized. Energy, drive, creativity, innovation — FIRE — all masculine attributes are now demonized. But what is more worrisome is I see that any inclination we might have to stand up and say NO to some of this is morally wrong–especially for women. As Jordan Peterson says, words that sound so good like “inclusion, diversity, equity” are dangerous and are associated with group identity which can be nothing but tribal and divisive, but to stand against them will result in being attacked as haters, when of course, we don’t believe in group identity, but in all individuals being treated as such and equally–there will be no perfect system but if there is one, it will come from the latter ideas, Martin Luther King’s ideas of people being judged by the quality of their character as individuals, not by the color of their skin or the accident of their birth gender.

This is a recipe for disaster what they are doing here.

But I see that people, mostly women, but even some men, believe if they just keep talking about love, such a feminine and what they believe is mature, reaction to such turbulent times, or if they are simply silent, they are morally superior. And love and peace will prevail.

That is as immature as the men the male traits they criticize.

Males, with all their faults, are capable of being heroes. They know sometimes they must step in, they must intercede, and they are capable of great self-sacrifice in the face of injustice to the point of giving their very lives (arguably caused by males in the first place, often, but men know you will never stop all crazies and criminals).

I have friends who say they can never shoot anyone, even to protect their children or loved ones. I don’t understand that, but I guess I can have some respect for it. Well, not quite, but I try. But the extent to which society (or the “patriarchy” is under attack–threatened with “fundamental change” is another kind of violence perpetrated on the innocent as well.

If you ever saw the movie Don Juan DeMarco (great fun with Johnny Depp and Marlon Brando), they talk about male/female qualities. Poke some fun at them. Fay Dunaway argues for femininity saying that what makes love and life work is a slow steady burn, like smoldering coals, moderation is the key. Marlon Brando says no, that the key to life is fire, passion, no fire, no LIFE. That without continuing passion, it will sputter and go out. He is right. A slow steady burn cannot sustain itself.

But while these posts about love and tolerance are always true, obviously true, there is the implication that anyone standing up or being critical is morally wrong or wasting their time on earth, and making the world a worse place.

I contend it’s about both things. The world cannot exist without feminity and love and patience and nesting; it also cannot exist without male fire, passion, heroes, creativity, innovation, drive. Taylor Caldwell believed thrity years ago we were killing America, and yes, America had those male qualities. That energy, that fire, that creativity, that opportunity, its celebration of individual liberty, were what made America great. And yes, there were some casualties for that which needed to be rectified and we were rectifying them–more and more every decade. But America was not founded on slavery any more than any other place on the planet–many of our founding fathers such as John Adams railed against it, and they wrote the constitution with the idea that it would soon be abolished. And it was. EVERYONE wants to come to America, not Canada, America. For the very traits we are determined to snuff out.

But we are now raising sons who have no idea what it is to be male. And who are ashamed to be.

In my grad classes, my “literary theory” class — which was this Foucault post structural, post colonial attack on the U.S. and capitalism, the professor would go ballistic if any of the science majors dared to introduce a biological motive for any cultural phenomenon, saying he refused to reduce human interaction to bio-physical evolution. Now, I am with him that it certainly shouldn’t be an excuse for sub-human behavior, and yet to deny ANY natural biological explanations for how the world wags seems to deny all nature and the animal kingdom. It’s, once again, a balance. And all nature is not “evil.” Taylor Caldwell used to warn us against ideologues, males with no sex drive or subverted ones, which was said of Hitler, and other fanatics, some of them religious. True crazies seemed to deny biology and hedonism of any kind. An interesting idea I’ve seen some justification for.

The woke feminine mob perpetrated by women and woke elite white males –(not embraced so far by male minorities) has no use for balance–in political ideology or in cultural human interaction.

Well, my drive and creativity in my writing and my basic personality to stand up to injustice are male qualities; I have more than my share for a female, and they are good qualities. I refuse to be made to feel guilty because I dare stir the pot, don’t always turn the other cheek, stand up and say no, this is enough and it’s wrong. And to be silent in the face of some of this is equally wrong. What is more shocking is that once again it is MEN, and not very many of them, standing up to say this is wrong. I’m talking about in everyday life. There are a few women politicians and pundits saying so, but maybe just ONE woman blogger in all I follow, (high Susan) will write anything other than we must love one another. I suppose some of it is fear, but most of it is because they don’t believe being critical is a woman’s nature.

But love and standing up for justice are not mutually exclusive qualities.

Silence and “love” are not always virtues when faced with evil and injustice. And society and culture are out of balance. Women, and I’ve been ashamed lately to be one, are responsible for this authoritarian nightmare because they actually believe you can stop people from what they think is hateful speech without compromising all humanity and a free society. They don’t understand the can of worms they are opening. Everybody should always sound nice — even if they are selling our very souls to the devil. But I beg to disagree. Everyone needs to tolerate being “offended.” In a free society. As Jordan Peterson says. If you have something to say, and you say nothing, you are killing your soul. Women need to tolerate competition, losing sometimes. Getting your feelings hurt. God, grow UP. Everybody needs to learn they are not entitled to everything and that being a good loser is a virtue. That people have different strengths and weaknesses and things should not all turn out the same for everyone. To try to accomplish that will create evils you can’t even begin to comprehend.

Women need to learn this is about a balance, that you can still be loving and criticize wrongs. That there is no moral high ground to watching innocent people being tortured and killed because you yourself believe killing is wrong, and they need to learn that being free is more important than being “safe.” Or having “stuff.” Women are the materialistic ones. And they’d rather be guaranteed a certain subsistence than take a chance on their own free initiatives and creativity.

If it’s all about being safe and loving, you better never drive a car, get on an airplane, walk across the street, help a friend. Hell, don’t even get out of bed in the morning. Freedom doesn’t come free. If everybody said no and stopped being such cowards, evil would not triumph. The evil people have convinced you that one must always go along, never make waves, never say anything negative. Ever.

But here is the bottom line: “safety” doesn’t exist. And if you are not careful, neither will freedom.

2 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – male and female influences – the hate on against the masculine – and the balance of nature

  1. Preach, sister!

    So many thoughts; this may be disjointed:

    “This is what a matriarchy looks like!” should be the motto of modern education. My lord, it’s become quite the henhouse over the past 30 years.

    Men and women have become unbalanced, both interpersonally and intra-personally, which violates a fundamental law of nature (balance in all things). Perhaps this imbalance happened organically, in response to a thousand smaller factors. Or just maybe we’ve been being conditioned, like B.F. Skinner proposed in his single foray (I believe) into fiction, Walden Two. How easy it would be! Imagine if some old and powerful group managed to control academic/medical publishing firms, psychiatry, public school curricula, video games, film, radio, TV, internet…but that’s crazy talk! That could never happen… 😉 🤔🤷🏼‍♀️ Regardless of the genesis of this imbalance, the consequences will be catastrophic.

    We live in perilous times. Taylor Caldwell was a wise woman.

    1. Yeah, women are starting to get on my nerves pretty good. Most of them. All this touchy feely, love stuff (not that I’m against that),This feminine, social justice garbage has been creeping up for a long time — which is why the United States can’t compete academically with the world. I knew when I was in high school that they were dumbing down the classes, teaching to the median. I can remember sitting at the dinner table and complaining to my parents. Now they are putting the cap on it by trying to remove gifted classes and teaching no math because it makes the other students “feel bad.” Discriminating against Asians because they are also too smart.They don’t even understand that a world that holds people back is crueler than one that rewards merit. What they are proposing for the black community will not only hurt middle America, it will enslave them, put the nail int the coffin of an already ruined culture. I thought we were ok because at least the lack of structure seemed to put us ahead creatively in comparison to the world (and the regimented oriental mind), but I don’t think even that is true anymore and when it is, they simply steal intellectual property. Instead of just tempering the male impulse, we are replacing passion and drive with mediocrity and some utipian dream of comfort and world peace (God help me)– which they think will end cut-throat capitalism and we will all join hands and sing kumbaya. Who needs to be free, right? And it seems the more authoritarian these elite (effete) fascists gain power, the more the female impulse to preach love and tolerance. Tolerate intolereance and censorship.. Love conquers all. Only it doesn’t, of course. The balance is off. Muslims will be creating their parallel society here in America which will in no way resemble the woke mob, and conservatives will create a parallel society as well. Tribalism will abound and we’ll be back to the middle ages. Of course, after we collapse, we can return to local agrarian communities that help each other out and reward hard work and cooperation. If we can keep from being slaughtered by the other influences here. But women are ruining our culture instead of contributing the balance we need. And they are starting to really really annoy me. Hope you are well! I haven’t yet looked into your website thing– still sitting in my inbox. Now that I got the refi finished, my husband talked me into this used boat and dealing w ith that has been all consuming. Soon. XO

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