Carnivore Dreams – 911 Commission? Take a look at this video that just came out

US Capitol breach: Insurrection fuelled by conspiracy ...

Take a look at your armed insurrectionists. New video showing nothing of the sort. Might have been poor judgment, was definitely poor judgment, but armed insurrection? Compared to the violence all summer, deaths, burning down cities, millions of dollars of damage for a false narrative that black people are being exterminated? And Trump and his supporters are white nationalists?

Why isn’t this cop in this video telling them to leave and why is there other video of them waving these people inside? And Tucker Carlson says there is 14,000 hours of video the white house won’t release AND nobody will say who this cop is who killed that unarmed woman and why? You just kill her with no explanation. What the hell country IS THIS?

They tell her family NOTHING?

I wonder how that would fly in reverse. Instead you get this guy lynched in the town square for something that should have been no more than manslaughter. If that, since the procedure was in the manual. He’s not a sympathetic figure and he should have allowed EMS to treat the guy, but there is no evidence his poor training was racially motivated. None. Even Keith Ellison admits that. NO HATE CRIME. It was clearly a manslaughter situation. And the Democrats floated that false narrative purposely to divide this country and promote their Marxist agenda. Right out of a communist playbook.

And they think they will force people to take their vaccines and wear masks. These people are out of their minds.

Take a look at this video and consider Nancy Pelosi’s assinine 911 Commission to go after Trump supporters. Some of them still in jail for this violent takeover. Click on this link: This is sheer intimidation and absolute lunacy:

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