Carnivore Dreams – Off to Camp

Ok, one is my book cover. And it’s not winter, but we’re off tomorrow for the weekend. Finally. Wonder if we’ll make it through the whole time. Kids are meeting us up there on Friday.

We’ll have bugs maybe. Black flies are ok. I hope we are ahead of the mosquitoes which I freaking HATE. They will arrive shortly, though, if not already.

But we’ll have fun. We’ll play poker and drink mint julips maybe, some very good petite sirah, steak and eggs, shirred eggs, smoked ribs and a dinner out.

We have some friends and family visiting in June. Kids here 4th of July.

Then in July we get out of here for 11 days to Maine.

Kids here for our Harbor Days first weekend in August.

Then we’ll get a fall weekend with our dear friends Ksionzeks probably here.

We will get the new used boat in the water, too.

And we’ll try to avoid these crazy people.

Happy Wednesday. I’ll be thinking of you until Monday… will bring back pictures…

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