Carnivore Dreams – Inukshuk and Pictures from weekend

We will be lightening this guy, but my daughter took this photo from our camp (we made this Inukshuk out of broken up concrete we took from in front of our garage doors which are no longer doors–one a screened room, the other just huge windows–so we used this material to make a planter and two Inukshuks). My daughter will blow it up, lighten it up, and frame it, so I can hang it over my bed here in our Elk Rapids home. She will lighten it some and we’ll frame it in a metal frame.

Inukshuk’s were used by native Americans (and Canadians), indigenous folks anyway, to indicate good places to camp, to point the way, for memorials, to indicate danger, etc. We made them to protect all those that live there or visit. It is both amazing how cool it turned out as my husband and I designed it (and cooler yet, how amazing my daughter made this photograph — she may quit her day job.)

We had perfect weather and no bugs yet. It was so great to get out of here (though I have come back to more IRS crap to deal with for my father, Directv garbage, and a denial of service for his rehab stay, and more crap. I may just head right back up there).

JM and me:

Nana Lynn and JM atching his mom take pictures of our Inukshuk.

A little poker. We had some mint julips and we had a little petite sirah as well. We ran around on the ATV’s. My son and husband:

And she forgot to take pictures of our ribs, but here are a couple nice shirred egg photos:

Is this an amazing photograph or what? Tasted just as good, too. Butter the dish, add three eggs, two tablespoons heavy cream here and there, salt and pepper, bake about 12 minutes at 350 degrees until edges start to bubble, then add bacon, cheese and chives, bake two more minutes. When they come out add Hollandaise or Bernaise sauce. Doesn’t get any better than that.

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