Carnivore Dreams – Rest Days

Diverticulitis Symptoms. 10 Symptoms of Diverticulitis ...

I have had what we think is some diverticulitis. And been under the weather. Started on some better antibiotics this morning, so am hoping it clears up in a few days. No wine, though, this weekend, in light of that.

I really needed a couple days’ rest as well. No high fever, but really out of sorts for a bit here. My stomach issues have been

It’s cold, too cold to plant the garden just yet, so it’s a good time for rest. I’ll have a few eggs tomorrow and a few bites of ribs and see how that goes. Just liquids yesterday. I made a dry rub for the ribs tomorrow. But actually now that I think of that, I think I’ll have my husband do chicken on the grill since I would rather have ribs. Put them off until Sunday or Monday. We also have some brats to do. Lots of grilling.

So that means I can read and ponder my novel and hope I can clean house a bit and plant both flowers and vegetables tomorrow and Sunday. My seedlings are coming nicely: tomatoes, jalapenas, sweet peppers, pumpkin, cucumbers, petunias and some wild flowers. Herbs. Basil, sage and thyme already in some pots out there. Oh, and the potatoes are coming up out there and I hope the garlic soon enough. I have arugula and lettuce and thyme and parsley and oregano coming up from last year. And chives and lavendar.

So things grow.

Things need to grow.

So if I can do at least 15 minutes on my novel, I’ll start posting on the writing process.

No dreams lately. Probably because I was in too much pain to sleep hardly for the last two nights…

Happy holiday and happy Friday, folks. Cook out.


4 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Rest Days

  1. Oh no! Diverticulitis is no fun, not at all.

    Here in So Cal, we’ve recently been blessed(?) with early June Gloom, but we had remarkable weather throughout spring (warm and gorgeous, with almost no rain): I’ve already sown, grown, and harvested loads of sunflowers—which happened to be FULL of sunflower moth larvae (🤢); gross, maggotty little squigglers they are (I I’ve found an actual sunflower maggot or three, as well). After lightly drying the heads to remove the seeds more easily, I pick out all the worms that I can find by hand (with tweezers), but the larger worms burrow into the shells through a hole the size of a pin prick, so they’re easily hidden. (Nothing is quite as satisfyingly skin-crawly as pulling a caterpillar out of a sunflower seed through its own pinhole.)

    I was still able to get some really beautiful seeds, but since I can get 50 lbs of equally beautiful seeds for about $30 at the feed store. I wonder why I bother: it’s so much pointless work! But I DO love my little backyard birds (and lizards), and they seem to love the sunflower forest, so I’ll go again…maybe another crop this year, certainly another crop next year. And they help camouflage my poppies… 🤫

    The semester is finally over, but we’re teaching a couple of online summer classes, and fall will be online again, too; this is good because it allows me to…“help” (I’ll go with “help”)… my (physically) ailing husband (whom is also “technologically-delayed”) with his workload (he teaches introductory-level classes; not hard). He thinks he’ll be okay to go back into the classroom by spring, but I doubt that: my poor, sweet man hasn’t been out of bed except to use the bathroom since Easter, and before THAT it had been months. Before COVID, he only got out of bed to go to work (three long days a week; better than five, I guess). Even then, it was only with the help of [prescribed] stimulants; he’d then come home and collapse. Since 2007, this has been our life. What’re you gonna do? 🤷🏼‍♀️

    Hang in there, toots. It looks like a few of us are rooting for you, anyway! Keep writing: somebody’s got to! 🌻🐛❤️

  2. I just love sunflowers! My son’s girfriend grows them every year and our fields just roll with them up here in northern lower Michigan! Growing them has to be satisfying! I put in my tomatoes, peppers, pumpkins, cucumbers and flowers. Potatoes and herbs and garlic been in. Finally warming here. My brother is heading from Joshua Tree to San Diego tomorrow to visit a friend we went to high school with. I told you I lived on Balboa Peninsula for four years in my youth, right? I still get homesick for it, only place I lived that I miss other than here (though probably not anymore–Michigan is bad enough). I also liked Nashville a lot, though. Did not like Florida, though Disantis makes me want to move back.

    Do you teach, too? Or do you mean you will be helping? I’m so glad there are some teachers out there who believe in teaching people how to think! My daughter who teaches band to middle and high school is thinking of home schooling and taking a few extra students to make a difference that way. Hate to put my grandson in the conventional education indoctrination. Your husband has an auto-immune thing, right? Poor guy.

    Yeah, now I have hives from the flagyl that I can’t get rid of. For a bit, my face was swelling, throat, but got on benadryl and quit the flagyl. Hope the cipro takes care of things on its own. I think the flagyl was working on my stomach. Always something!

    I so need to get really focused on my novel again. Keep a good thought for me. And let me know how the online teaching goes

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