Carnivore Dreams – Hives and Hell

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I was having something like diverticulitis (follow up with gastro soon) and doctor prescribed flagyl and cipro at which point I broke out in hives. Look like these. Changed antibiotics and added steroids and antihistamines and they pretty much still look like this, but they haven’t spread much. On my left side stretching a bit to abdomen and back. So not sure steroid is even working.

Should stay off the internet since it also says gastro cancers of all kinds cause hives.

Company coming Friday and I have a beat red face for some reason, hives and a headache. The change to augmentin MAYBE is helping the stomach pain which was at times very bad along with some other symptoms. I should be cleaning and gardening, but have decided to veg in this bed today and watch HGTV and baseball tonight.

Tomorrow I’ll need to clean up boat cabin and part of this house, but I have given my husband a big to-do list for tomorrow.

But just thinking about these freaking stomach tests again, CT scan no doubt and colonoscopy when things settle down. I’m sure. Is enough to make me want to cry.

And once again, I’m not writing because my head aches. Creativity? What’s that?

5 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Hives and Hell

  1. Your hives are probably a reaction to the antibiotics. My poor son was given amoxicillin for an ear infection while he had active mono. I’ll let you Google it to see the results if you want. (I can’t help but wonder why, having just diagnosed said mono, a moderately-competent doctor would turn around and prescribe amoxicillin, but I digress.)

    Have you had your inflammatory markers tested? About 20 years ago, I suffered full-body hives (not my face, happily) that lasted approximately 18 months and left what looked like scars (which have since faded). A rheumatologist determined that I “probably” have Lupus (I’m sure I do; I have developed most of the symptoms), but I won’t be treated for it. One thing I’ve learned is that, in medicine, “cures” are, more often than not, worse than the illness.

    Good luck to you, my friend. One foot in front of the other.

    1. p.s. Mono is a virus, I know. But so is covid and they prescribe antibiotics for secondary things. I’ve never heard of anyone doing that for mono, though. Also, I worry my son with Downs has lupus. He gets that mask across his cheeks, a sort of gout thing that can happen and his blood markers slightly indicate it, but he’s never developed full blown lupus. Knock on wood.

  2. Thanks, Susan. Let’s see. I have Hashimoto’s which is an auto-immune thyroid condition and seasonal hayfever allergies and my mom, brother have had hives (I never have before), and my dad had childhood asthma–sort of a perfect storm. I assumed it was the flagyl. I did see a rheumatologist years ago but I think he said my numbers were normal then. That was probably 30 years ago at least. The hives seem to be staying pretty localized on my left side wrapping a little to my stomach and back. But not spreading fast at all. I’ll keep a good thought the augmentin fixes up my stomach and the steroid gets rid of the hives. Dose starts going down tomorrow! Thanks for your good wishes, Susan! I hope it all goes well there for you and your husband, too!

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