Carnivore Dreams – “Conspiracy Theories”

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My liberal friends have repeatedly accused me of reading “conspiracy theories” and repeating sources that were “out there.” They all have done this. Well, almost all.

We knew a year ago that it was likely this virus came from a lab and there was very good investigative reporting on it done by the Epoch Times (founded by expatriate Chinese), while the mainstream media claimed since it was Trump’s assertion and anything Trump said was false, that it had been “debunked” when it hadn’t even been investigated fully! And this is how main stream media functions now. They are a propaganda arm of the Democrat party and nothing more.

Well, of course, we know it’s true, just like the Hunter Biden laptop and graft between he and his father is true.

I love how conservatives are now “out there” when the Democrat party platform promotes late term abortion up to the moment of birth which is nothing more than sheer barbarism; pushes hormones and maiming pre-adolescent children who aren’t allowed to drive or drink because they are not mature enough and who have no idea how they’ll feel about their sexuality once they go through puberty!; have promoted conspiracy theories themselves on climate change (this from a die-hard conservationist)–which is now coming out by Obama’s energy physcist; open borders for illegal aliens who are spreading disease and are drug and human trafficking instead of legal immigration; no ID or addresses or signature matches and expanded mail in voting–are you kidding me? can you say banana republic?; adding states, packing the court, purging the military of all conservatives; critical race theory, systemic racism –all of which is just racism of course. Censorship of any views they don’t agree with; brainwashing occuring in all forms of education now.

And WE are “out there.” I love it. BTW, liberals are twice as likely to have mental illness as conservatives. Big surprise there.

They spent four years calling Trump illegitimate, said he “stole” an election, weaponized the justice department, all supported by a criminal lunatic media.

Well, we always knew this came from a lab, funded by, wait for it, Tony Fauci and Bill Gates involvement up to the wazoo. Bill Gates who just released genetically modified mosquitoes all over Florida without the peoples’ approval and who plans to make a cloud around the earth, another unilateral move, I guess when he isn’t out with his old girlfriend, hanging with Geoffrey Epstein on the Lolita Express, and meeting with world leaders to plan out the “great reset.” Or when he takes time from buying up all our farmland to try to make us all stop eating beef (along with Jeff Bezos, these idiot corporate monopolies in collusion with big government).

So we have “science” messing around with gain of function research who almost wiped out the planet (that’s if China wasn’t developing biological warfare which we can’t rule out) by mistake. We’ve had them messing around with GM crops and pesticides — all of which is a much bigger environmental risk than grazing grass fed cattle. The Salk Institute is messing around creating human/monkey hybrids! We have now replaced worshipping God with worshipping the state and science. What colllossal hubris.

And WE are “out there.”

We have now embarked on the most fascist authoritarian regime in US history. Let me tell you, these people are “out there.” They are so far out there.

Einstein said our technology had surpassed humanity and that was before he died and let me tell you, it HAS.

But the good news is that these asshole “woke” people have finally awakened the sane conservatives and we aren’t going to be silenced or pushed to their crazy left anymore. And we are a lot more powerful than they know. They have figured wrong on Hispanics and I think even black people.

Though if they get away with reparations and creating a permanent dependent class of voters, that will be a very sad state of affairs when what they needed was charter schools (Biden caved to the white teachers’ unions and turned his back on the children) and people having confidence in their ability to get out of these slums. Years of Democrat policies broke up their nuclear family structure and created dependent societies and this will do them in if they go for it. I pray they don’t do this to them.

Socialism. They think socialism is not “out there.”

These people all need to see shrinks because they can’t see what these people are DOING. It’s OUT THERE, let me tell you.

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4 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – “Conspiracy Theories”

  1. I see the house of cards they’ve been building for the last 40 years collapsing around them as though someone took a Wham-O Air Blaster to it. Everyone left, right, and center is seeing and realizing that everything they’ve heard from them is either a fairy tale, a fabrication, or an out-and-out lie. We “conspiracy theorists” just saw it first…

  2. Yep, we did. I’ve been saying it a long long time. And getting crap for it. I actually read the scientific studies and I knew there was no “consenus” on anything except warming right now. The way these people have used the media and education and Hollywood to brainwash people is a shame and we allowed it, thinking nobody would really go for all this craziness. Big mistake on our part. We should have been vocal and fighting them every step of the way.

  3. We live in a clown-world dominated by psychopathic clown-antiChrists.

    FWIW, *I* don’t consent to any of this. I am subject ONLY to God, the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. Period. Full stop. Interestingly, my beliefs align beautifully with the atheist who penned the pledge located at the following site:

    I know nothing about this “League of Real People” other than what the site says. It could be a giant joke, but it’s what I believe (plus a belief in a Creator, to Whom we will be accountable one day, but the Pledge’s author is free to take or leave it, obviously).

    My IRL social circle has been whittled down to a paltry handful; online isn’t much bigger. I used to care more, but when I watch all the fussing and fighting over manufactured issues, it’s difficult to muster up much emotion other than sorrow for our grand/kids’ futures.

    You’re not crazy, Lynn: I can only imagine what your previous-friends would say if they knew what *I* think is really happening…they’d lock me away! (That’s what MY ex-friends want to do to me!) But I’m not crazy, either. THEY are. At the risk of coming across like a Bible-thumper (I’m not; I don’t even attend church anymore, though I count myself among His flock…but I’m not positive that’s necessarily a requirement; but that’s an argument for another day), give 2 Thessalonians 2:11-12 another read. I believe that’s what we’re witnessing. I think maybe this “great delusion” is tied to the parabolic Great Harvest, spoken of in Matthew 13.

    Anyway, try not to give away too much emotional energy to the Beast; channel your anger into your writing, your family, and maintaining your beautiful homestead as much as you can. Give at LEAST as much energy to the Light as you do the dark (good advice for all of us!).

    Feel free to nudge me off my soapbox if I get to be too much. (This is YOUR home, after all!). Cheers from sunny and humid So. Cal….blessings to you! ❤️

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