Carnivore Dreams – Shingles

Yep, that’s what it is. Not diverticulitis, nerve pain in the abdomen and back and going down my leg and now the very painful itchy rash. Drs. put me on the anti-viral even though it’s late to prevent permanent nerve damage. More concerned about that than the pain which is not fun.

In some ways, I’d prefer this, though, since I don’t have to do all those freaking stomach tests! But will discuss nerve issues with my gastro guy in a couple weeks, lasting effects.

So with all these drugs, H1 and H2 blockers, anti-virals, Tramadol for pain, I’m pretty much out of it here. Our company didn’t come since one of them hadn’t had chicken pox which was a relief in some ways since I was in such a bad way. But also a bummer. We were looking forward to getting out on the boat for her maiden voyage and a nice dinner out with them.

I’m still very upset about my dog having lyme disease. I was so concerned about her having seizures on that medication like she did and we weren’t out in the woods hardly at all, I didn’t give her that. So it’s my fault. And she seemed to tolerate this other med the vet gave me. Damn. She could have ongoing issues with that now. I’m a little mad at the vet since they didn’t run all the blood tests initially when we took her in for joint issues. I thought they had Just kidney tests and stuff for anti-inflammatories and put her on a treadmill and in a the pool and all this. Which cost a damn fortune, too. That should have been done. We lost a couple months for the antibiotic and I’m sure now she will have flares. Could affect her kidneys someday. So upsetting. Sweet Maggie. I’m so sorry.

But at least we are both on our treatment plans now and hopefully on the mend. Looks like we both have a few weeks of treatment ahead.

Maybe it will smooth out enough I can write. Not yet, though. Who knows what I’d write!

Happy Friday, folks.

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