Carnivore Dreams – Vaccination and Herpes viruses (or not?) Here comes shingles and meningitis

Shingles rash - Stock Image - C003/4339 - Science Photo ...

NO, this is not my body, but this is the area my shingles showed up. So am having nerve pain in lower abdomen and like sciatica down my leg. I am very very grateful this is not on my face near my eyes or ears.

Here is the odd thing, though. Suddenly since the vaccine, the doctors are seeing lots of shingles they told me when I was just in–stress they think. Hmm, right. Our bodies are being stressed but it can be physical stress as well as emotional. Now I did not get the vaccine, but my father did — one has to at least wonder about shedding that spike protein since I am in such close contact –of course, they say that’s impossible. But I am not ready to believe that yet.

But something very strange is going on. Lots of people who were vaccinated (or not) are getting shingles right now. Big increase. And my neighbor’s daughter-in-law who WAS vaccinated contracted the herpes zoster version of meningitis. Same virus as shingles. She is doing ok now, but something is up with all this. I also had this horrible really strange headache for a day with this, so am wondering if I was flirting with meningitis as well. A very unusual headache.

They really have no idea what they are doing ever.

However, my dad who DID get vaccinated has not developed shingles, but he does seem weaker and more tired a couple weeks after. He’s 89 years old, though, so that is not necessarily correlated.

This study saying the spike protein is causing heart and vascular issues even without the virus is worrisome and with how little they really know about all this, to push for even young people to do this is unconscionable. Children should not be vaccinated. Or people who plan to have children.

And Fauci and Gates both ought to be locked up. Freaking narcissistic lunatic liars. Go Rand Paul.

3 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Vaccination and Herpes viruses (or not?) Here comes shingles and meningitis

  1. Omg: you don’t want to mess with meningitis or encephalitis, viral or otherwise! Herpes is a nasty, nasty bug; it’s what nearly killed my DH (as you know). Many people don’t realize how dangerous it can be.

    I suspect some correlation between COV1D, herpes, and HIV…and Fauci is eyeballs-deep in “research” into all three. How (un)surprising, eh?

    Hang in there, and keep us posted!

  2. I can’t believe they are FINALLY addressing this crap with gain of function and origins of this when we KNEW this almost from the start. News has nothing to do with news–it’s just politics what they decide to report. I cannot believe the extent of this crap. Very few of these Republicans really push the truth–they just go along with these idiots. This so clearly originated in a lab, mistake or not. They were hospitalized, bitten by bats, no ties to the market, and they were silencing and punishing their doctors who talked. Not rocket science here — and just because of politics with Trump (and or compromised Hunter/Joe) it’s ignored and censored. Rand Paul is one of the few that tries to tell the truth, though even he could do better. Desantis is showing them how they should be dealing with these people. Strange strange deals with this herpes chicken pox virus and the vaccines. So many things they don’t understand about any of this. I didn’t have it but it’s so coincidental that people with auto immune are getting it from teh vaccine. My dad got it and I’m wondering about him shedding that spike protein since I have an autoimmune thyroid condition. My neighbor didn’t have any of that and got the herpes meningitis after the shot. Just very weird. Fauci has to go.

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