Carnivore Dreams – Shingles and Shinola

Well, just a note folks. The shingles stinging pain is starting to back off. I took my last steroid pill today but have four or five days left of the anti-viral, which does seem to be working.

But this has definitely affected my intestines and all on that side and no idea what to expect from that. I see many people with similar stories, so just have to hope I don’t have permanent nerve problems, etc. It’s very early, so I’ll try to keep a good thought.

I am able to back off pain meds as well, but I feel exhausted and like I’m not really here. I did get out in the garden for a little bit and pulled a few weeds, watered some things, got a little vitamin D in hopes that will help my obviously struggling immune system. It’s always nice to be in the garden, isn’t it?

My husband will pick up some rotisserie chickens and some Halo Top ice cream for me–something I want to try to see if I incorporate into my mostly carnivore/keto lifestyle going forward — a good thing to try right now since I’m not being rigid on my diet while I’m ill. Just trying to eat healthfully and stay hydrated. Ice cream– even regular– at least offers some nutrient value and not empty calories, is at least mostly carnivore and this type has extra protein, something you need extra of when one is ill.

It’s was over 90, though, so we didn’t stay out long.

My son with Downs also has Hashimoto’s so I worry about his exposure to these spike proteins aside from the virus itself. I can’t rule out my dad shedding that from the vaccine and setting off my shingles since I have an auto-immune condition. And so does my son. And of course, this vaccine is just that–spike proteins –so many unknowns right now.

My goal is to give this at least a week, get through the anti-viral, and see how I’m doing. Not worry too much, really, for a good several weeks. If not months. Stress is the last thing I need right now with my health history and this type of affliction. So I just dial it back a notch every time I feel anxiety.

That’s the goal.

So keep a good thought for me and maybe I’ll even be able to work in a couple days.

That would be nice.

These scientists had better be reined in immediately. Fauci should be fired and they ought to dig into this gain of function research and more and get to the bottom of it immediately. Bill Gates ought to be investigated immediately–guy is out of his mind along with the rest of these globalist Marxist crazies. It makes it very difficult to know what to do in terms of health and the virus. It’s hard to believe these people even know what they are doing let alone aren’t protecting their own funding and asses. Flat-out lying.

Science was politicized by Democrats over climate change–something else bastardized by these crazies–and it has never been the same. A travesty. Obviously, it’s about funding. But they are also involved in things they have no business doing: human/monkey hybrids, genetically modified mosquitoes (the deadliest creature on the planet? Do they have a freaking CLUE what they are doing?)

None of this is conducive to relaxation, of course. So I will watch something more uplifting–like the murder channel. Ha.

My husband is mostly care taking and cooking. So that’s a help at least.

For now.

2 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Shingles and Shinola

  1. I think we all need to get a grip on what science is, and more importantly, what it *isn’t*. One of the things it isn’t is “settled.” Once we start running aroound yellng “the science is settled!” it ceases to be science and becomes religion. By its very nature, science is NEVER settled. You know this, I know this, and about half the country knows this. The Democrats and the mainstream media are in the other half, unfortunately…

    Fauci is starting to believe what the fawning press is saying and the Democrats are telling him. Such hubris usually ends in a fall. Let’s hope it’s soon, because right now Fauci is what stands in the way of this nation getting back to normal.

  2. Amen. This “settled science” nonsense has been more than ludicrous. This has been out of control a long time, but this last couple years we have hit critical mass. I heard in the press deal today that Psaki says zero chance they will fire Fauci. If this has been “engineered” in a lab and they refuse to investigate it, no telling where we’re headed….

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