Carnivore Dreams -Monkey Puke

Actually, it isn’t as bright as in real life where it resembles a fishing lure my dad and brother always used called: monkey puke. It’s closer to the olive green I wanted in this picture. It has a neon quality in real life when the sun hits it.

I told them what color it looked like — a brighter one up the spectrum on the sample — they refused to adjust MY paint to something closer. I decided to live with monkey puke this year and adjust on my own next year after some research. Rest of trim is gray, but wanted something fun for the front door and people garage door in the garden.

There’s Maggie Mae — feeling better after her antitibiotic — she has lyme disease. So hard to decide what to do with her since she’s a collie and had almost like seizuers when given flea/tick meds. She needs to see the groomer, too. Hope we got all that in time.

Garden is growing great guns.

I am feeling better but have I think some side/stomach pain is going to go on for weeks if not months. I’m not quite as exhausted, so I managed to get most of the company bills/books done today, and am watching the Tigers. Ahead so far 3-2.

Maybe some boat pictures soon.

Happy Tuesday.

2 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams -Monkey Puke

    1. I’ll get a few boat pictures up tomorrow, but we haven’t yet all been able to go out, so not real good ones just yet! Thanks for thinking of me, Smitha.

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