Carnivore Dreams – Angle of Repose, Beyond Order, Choosing Forgiveness and –Sychronicity – Part Two

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Okay, since I’m still recovering from some side effects from Shingles requiring a little bit of pain med, I’m going to make Part Two, the Health update. All of these things figure some into Synchronicity which I will address directly in another of the four- parter when my head is a little clearer. I’m also not sleeping the best right now.

Well, since the Shingles affected the nerves in my guts some, I am attributing some lasting issues with my digestion to some nerve issues there. I am going to chat with my gastro guy tomorrow about anything that might linger regarding all this. But mostly I have been able to garden, do some light exercise, and get some sun this last week. So an improvement. The pain in the rash was never really the worst thing, but now where it was stabbing pain and itch, it’s most just a mild itch, a little sensitivity.

Synchronistically, I feel like I’ve made strides in my health goals and plans. I found out in the last three-four months that when you are older, you need a LOT more protein than their idiot recommendations. I need at least 100 grams of protein or close, and more calcium, not in pill form. Milk or ice cream, (see below on my choice there). Mark Sisson has been writing about same. I find that even with some health challenges of late, as long as I eat a lot of protein, cheating some (like on Pepsi since my stomach was upset) or even a really nice form of ice cream I found (Halo Top, that uses erythritol (sp) and reduced amounts of cane sugar, or even keto forms with 8 grams of functional carbs per pint), I’m maintaining much more muscle tone and MUCH better skin quality! The whole pint has between 300 and 500 calores with up to 40% calcium requirement and 21 grams of protein!

Big take away: Cheat with something with protein (try to skip soda, still my weakness if I’m ill –but ice cream with high protein and calcium is the way to go). This has resulted in –despite being about five pounds heavier than I was a couple years ago — I’m much happier with my body proportions at this weight and how my clothes fit. And I feel my nutrition is much better. So I feel my ideal weight may actually be just a few pounds lighter than I am where I still felt at 119 pounds before, I wasn’t at an ideal weight. Now it might be more like 123 maybe. I feel my neck is even a bit more toned.

I’m still planning to be mostly carnivore this summer with a few garden veggies. My tomatoes are growing well in my garden (and even in the aerogarden) and my herbs are growing great guns. Peppers, both sweet and jalapenos, etc. I have some arugula growing well for some nice salads. I’m looking forward to some low carb tacos (Mama Lupe’s shells are great), and a salad or two this summer. I have lots of potatoes growing, but will stay mostly away from those.

Virus: My father got that vaccine and I have to say no matter what they say I’m suspicious that he shed that spike protein which led to my Shingles (cooincidental that the “debunked” rumors reported that people coming in contact with vaccinated folks are getting weird menstrual problems, blood clots, SHINGLES, Bell’s Palsy, etc. –side effects also happening with the vaccine). We have chosen not to get vaccinated even though deciding what to do for my son Josh who has Downs is hard to do. But my doctor has agreed to prescribe Ivermectin or Hydroxycluoriqine right away should any of us become ill. Along with an antibiotic. Docxycline for Dick and a Z-pack for Josh and me who have no arrythmias. So much to find out about this virus AND this vaccine.

A woman friend we know in town who used to do some cleaning for us had the vaccine and dropped dead of a heart attack a few weeks later. Just last week. Yes, she had a few bad habits, was 63, and very active. We know others who have had some of the above side effects, and we are just not happy with the statistics on deaths and injuries. Doctors admitting way more cases of shingles out there.

I have also noticed some tightness in my chest with all this — I’m at a higher risk for strokes or heart attacks for months just because of the shingles! And that’s if I haven’t picked up my dad’s spike proteins. My oxygen saturation is good, though.

But this whole thing has made people more aware of the fragility of life and maybe more appreciative of the time we have here. I can say definitely that this virus and our health situations in general are affecting my work. Synchronistically.

We had a nice Father’s Day dinner out last night. My dad paid even though I explained that’s not how it should be, I think he enjoyed doing it–he used to love to buy for everyone — maybe too much. But he’s been going to the casino. He’s up about $500 and off today to “win” more. He was up $1K the last time, but didn’t quit while he was enough ahead. He’s able to go in a wheel chair now and that is one of the few things he can still do for fun. We’ll see how he comes out today. He was pretty weak last couple days.

So that was part two of my four-parter. Didn’t need to focus much to write about health, though I think it has figured in in a very big way in my work and my outlook inn general. It will inform my revision to my novel, and havig to put off the revision a couple years now seems right. My father gives me lectures about my carnivore diet. Mind you I never smoked and don’t drink like he did or empty half my salt shaker on my food every meal, nor do I eat processed garbage or use pesticides or buy it. My mother weighed twice what I do and died when she was two years younger than I am and my father had blood clots in his 50’s, COPD and Parkinsons well on the way, heart stents, strokes in his future…

Yep, I’ll listen to him. 🙂

Happy Monday, folks.

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