Carnivore Dreams – Trans-crazy

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I have no problem with anyone deciding what sex they want to be and no problem with gay people. None. I was always for gay marriage. (Though I am adamantly against any surgery or hormones before puberty when that is when peoples’ sexuality and their maturity become at least somewhat established. We know the human brain is not fully developed until something like 24! And drinking and other drugs at 18 pose problems for that as it is). But otherwise, whatever blows their dress up, as they say!

I’d rather they were not in women’s rest rooms, not because I’d be that uncomfortable simply because they were trans, but because I’ve had too many predators and perverts accost me in my life time to want to make it easier for them, especially in a rest area. Predators come in all shapes and sizes and colors and some might even be trans, but I don’t want to worry about my daughter dealing with that. I’ll spare you the scary stories I’ve had in my lifetime.

Ok, question. If it’s only hormones and there are a small percentage of trans-women, why are those almost always winning in disproportional numbers in women’s sports?

And two, if it’s only hormones why can’t I find anything about trans-men beating or even competing with biological men in mens’ sports? Been researching for half an hour. Why can’t a trans-male compete with biological “normal” males?

Because it’s not just hormones, folks.

Women just keep getting screwed and nobody cares. Men continue to find ways to do it and now they are ruining women’s sports. This is outrageous.

Why can’t they have categories for transgender men and transgender women? That’s how they do horse competitions or dog competitions, by breed and ability. They don’t put miniature horses or even a quarterhorse in with Thoroughbred jumpers or race horses. Duh. No matter how many hormones you give them, they are not biologically the same. For instance a filly has NEVER won the triple crown and rarely wins one of the legs. Guess why. I’ll give you three guesses. And I’ll bet giving her testosterone won’t do it.

So the only way there is ANY chance for hormones to make a difference it would HAVE to be giving the pre-adolescent boy hormones BEFORE puberty (and that might make no difference), but if they did it, it is child abuse in my opinion. There are reasons we don’t let young children drive cars, drink, vote, and more. They are not mature enough to make that kind of life-changing decision. And most of this garbage is driven by crazy parents. Or sometimes peer pressure or other self-esteem issues.

The world has gone mad and once again women pay. They’ve been paying ad infinitum and might as well keep on paying. Love the way they even blame white women for slavery when they had no rights and were property longer than black men! I’m a white woman and I think I should have reparations for not only being considered chattel, but also then having white guilt thrust upon me. Sometimes even by my MALE liberal friends! Who cares if it was not me personally. My white female ancestors were slaves! Especially if she wasn’t gorgeous and couldn’t marry well.

Stop the insanity.

3 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Trans-crazy

  1. A young person’s mind doesn’t fully develop until they’re in their 20’s. (They want to make the voting age 16; I think they should raise it to 26.) As far as any permanent life-changing decisions are concerned, allowing a child to make one is child abuse, especally feeding the kid hormone suppressing drugs because he (and it’s mostly boys) wants to wear a dress. The problem is that a small percentage of people have told boys from the beginning that they’re defective as they are, effectively “broken girls,” and they get the message that to be more perfect, they have to want to be more like girls, and do things like the girls do. It’s gotten way out of hand.

    On the other hand, feminists are now learning that after running around for the last 50 years teliing the world that girls can do just as well as boys, they’re finding out they can’t compete with boys in athletics, even when the boys call themselves girls.

  2. Yep, that would all be true! These people have lost their minds. I agree on raising the voting age to at least 21. Of course, I also think they should not die for their country until they are of age as well. That age has to match, whatever it is. Drinking, dying, voting. They don’t like 21 or older because they have families by then and can’t be brainwashed as well. Though I am very supportive of the military, don’t get me wrong. 16, you must be kidding. They just know most of the educators are liberal and they can persuade kids to vote as they want. These people are nothing more than criminals. The politicians I mean. And these university people. Many teachers. And I was one. It’s shocking.

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