Carnivore Dreams – Coronary Calcium Score

Medical scan of coronary calcium

Quick note.

I’ve been MIA because my husband had a retinal tear and then a blood clot in his heart after the procedure, and once we got him stented up and geared away, we went on a ten day vacation to the Upper Peninsula (instead of Maine because of all of the above). Then after returning, we have had (and are having) lots of company Which is nice because distractions are nice when you are a full time care-taker.

More company coming Tuesday and Thurs. until Sunday.

But thought I’d drop you a note to ponder: I’ve been telling you for years I didn’t believe conventional medicine had it right regarding cholesterol. I have high cholesterol- very high according to them, usually in the mid-high 200’s. But I have really high HDL, I’m not overweight, low tryglicerides, low sugar, low blood pressure (I do not have metabolic syndrome). I have refused statins for twenty years.

My doctor talked me into a coronary calcium score which measures hard plaque build up in the arteries in your heart. Which I had to pay for personally at $250. My score: ZERO.

And that is after I haven’t exercised as much as I should lately.

And of course, I eat carnivore most of the time, though I eat more like keto this time of year with such good veggies out of the garden.

So ponder on that the rest of the week and I should show up a week from Monday.

Happy Monday, folks.

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