Carnivore Dreams – Cancel Culture

Cancel culture symbol or cultural cancellation and social media censorship as canceling or restricting opinions that are offensive or controversial to the public with 3D illustration elements.


Here is the problem. My entire academic/literary community in Michigan has now cancelled and shunned me. I didn’t try to argue any specific policy ever–just that we should have universities with free exchange of ideas. They knew from my memoir I was a libertarian type and while not necessarily a Trump fan, I was against socialism and more than anything this cancel culture/censorship, control of information.

How on earth can we have a free republic if we can’t have debate.

My writing mentor, a man I love has told me to never ever contact him again, that we had nothing in common. I wrote back that he was doing what his father had done to him. Disowned him when he was against the Vietnam War and his father died with never again speaking.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I have a dear friend who voted for Joe Biden. I would never ever say anything like that to her and she wouldn’t say it to me. But I acknowledge it makes it hard to be close the way we were. And I said so. And here is why. If she (and my mentor) would stand up for my right to be heard, for my voice, I think we’d be fine. This censorship and brainwashing going on at universities essentially ruined my career and my identity.

But neither of them will.

They actually believe I should be silenced and shunned. Well, my mentor thinks I should be demonized and shunned. I don’t think my other close friend thinks I should be demonized or shunned, but I think she must think I should be silenced because she hasn’t said I shouldn’t be.

And suddenly we have no right to our own bodies and decisions about our own health, either.

Freedom of all sorts is disappearing in America.

It felt my mentor stabbed me in the heart and wouldn’t respond to any of my logical appeals. Here is a guy who titled his book about his desire to “be heard.” How does a writer not take the position, “I may disagree with every word you say, but I’ll fight to the death for your right to say it.” It’s hard to believe anyone doesn’t understand this concept and that was the only argument I made, so hard to believe we don’t have that in common. It’s the one thing, again, we do have in common. Or should have in common if we live in a free society. The rest can be argued out, compromised, balanced.

So I agree that if he thinks I should be silenced as he obviously does, we indeed have nothing in common.


There should be open debate on every university campus in this country. And public universities should publish more than one political point of view.

I do understand that these days people see the world so differently. But I’d be on the streets fighting along side him if they were censoring or cancelling him. Obviously, if you are never hearing anyone who disagrees with you, something is wrong and you are not living in a free society.

This seems to me to be the one thing that should unite us, but you actually hear news people arguing that all speech should not be “free.” That speech they disagree with is now “hate speech.” Wow. And who decides? It’s like 1984. Who is the arbiter of Truth now?

I’m very tired. This virus, all these health problems, politics in the world today. My career and world have been turned upside down. But I have to say it felt better to take a stand than to be quiet about what was happening. Being I think the only conservative fiction writer in Michigan, I was careful about talking politics in academic settings, knowing I was in a minority. And then I started speaking up about censorship.

And of course, I’ve been cancelled.

But I won’t be quiet.

If we don’t exercise our rights, we’ll lose them. Though I’ve paid a huge personal price.

Other friends hang up on me and call me evil. Call me up and then hang up on me. Mind you. That’s amazing.

So as painful as all that is/was, (and I couldn’t even talk–I was so devastated I just went to sleep for a bit) I feel better about speaking out about it.

We must.

9 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Cancel Culture

  1. Oh, Lynn, I am so sorry. But I have hope: I found another little blog with a very nice following:

    Read her “book” first (“Reality Bites”): it’s only three short chapters at the moment, and it will tell you where she’s coming from. Then start reading her posts starting with the most recent (plus the comments) and go backwards. (If you’re inclined, of course.).

    It will help you feel less alone, I promise. Because you’re NOT alone…we’re out here, we just have to find each other.

    Be well, my virtual friend. ❤️🌻

    1. Ok, I have a huge bandage on my finger where I sliced it on a mandolin I was not even using, so I might not be able to write tonight, BUT I found this website and signed up for her first chapter. So I took one step to help myself out of this quagmire. How are you Susan??

      1. I just wrote a long, sad comment that somehow got deleted.

        Suffice it to say, I’m in a similar boat as you are, except with a VERY sick kid (23), but it’s not Covid. I suspect chronic EBV, which is often worse. His temp is currently 103.9°.

        He has bloodwork scheduled for Monday, then an appointment with an infectious disease specialist. Heaven help us. I can’t lose my son.

        Much love to you. ❤️

    1. Broken hearted about…? (Of course your cancelling and the loss of your dearest friends; but is there more?)

      Your own work dovetails beautifully with this other woman’s (Monica is her name): if you agree, and you like each other, who knows where that might lead. Networking with the likeminded has been what’s kept me going! ❤️

  2. I’ll do this tomorrow for sure! Yes, I thought I had a really close relationship with this guy, my mentor for almost 30 years, so it’s upsetting. I was shocked, but at the same time not really surprised if that can make sense. This radical agenda in the literary/academic community is like a religion and you either believe the whole way or they’ll crucify you. I was glad I didn’t just go away silently, but it was painful to see what I already knew in my heart. The one thing all writers and really all Americans should have in common is the belief in free speech and the right of people to talk and universities should be places of ideas and debate. If they don’t believe that, it just demonstrates how bad things have gotten. But I will definitely look into Monica tomorrow! XO

  3. I’m sorry you had to experience this huge disappointment, there will be more disappointments in the future; but, like Max Ehrmann says, “With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.”

  4. Yes, it was a loss, but I have been counting my blessings–I have a lot still. Thanks so much for your kind note! I’ve also got quite a group of blogger friends who have really made a difference in my life.

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