Carnivore Dreams – Open Debate

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Well, I’ll still stick to my goal for the day (well no, I had this one written, but I now sliced my finger on a mandolin I wasn’t even using and the bandage is too big to write much), but the last week has been so upsetting because it’s clear there is an absolute authoritarian/fascist wind blowing in this country. With help of the left propaganda media and Big Tech, they have now managed to shut down most debate–they have effectively censored the president of the United States for doing nothing — much less than they themselves have repeatedly done.

They control the narrative.

What became clear with my mentor and and a couple other friends is this: The left actually IS ok with controlling information and silencing people. Open debate and what this country stood for are no more.

I taught Argument classes at university and nobody stopped me from telling my students they must defend their opinions with logic, as if it was, wait for it …. a DEBATE … and where one actually has to address opposing views. I’m not certain I might not be stopped today.

I was excommunicated, though, from my publisher at Wayne State for objecting to the fact that teachers are, and have been for a very long time, teaching students what to think, not HOW TO THINK. And the grad teachers were not allowing debate and discussion. At a fairly (I hesitate to use the word conservative because it’s not now) university where I taught in the Upper Peninsula. Nothing wrong with post-structural or post colonial theories being discussed; it’s just a problem when it’s taught as the ONLY theory and as fact and when discussion is disallowed.

I wrote about this in my memoir and I was out.

But it is official–they do in fact plan to teach our young what to think and not how to think. We just have to stop paying them to do it. There is no logic to any of this and they plan to just cut out, silence, cancel anyone who dares to even challenge their agenda–even enough just to say universities are places of debate and ideas. People who have known me 30 years and liked me are fine with me being silenced. And they essentially are demonizing me on top of it–cutting people of their lives which is hard enough–but attempting to use authoritarian power to erase anyone who disagrees with them. More important than my personal pain.

So it’s hard what to do from here for folks like me. I am nobody and it will be pretty hard to make much difference.

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