Carnivore Dreams – Today – I’m following my friends’ advice

Women friends. I’ve known for some time women are a lot smarter if sometimes not logical or analytical enough at times–they are wiser over-all.

Class of 2014 Friend Session | Durango Senior Photography

Well, I had planned yesterday to look up a blogger or website a friend of mine recommended (thanks Susan), but of course, yet again, my father took a turn and we had to get a chest x-ray, antibiotics and lots of nebulizing going on, and I didn’t find that time for me.


Another friend (thanks Smitha), has really been urging me to get writing–that that might be the way, the only way, she says, to manage the disaster that has become my life lately. She has an amazing work ethic and is multi-talented, she’s a freaking inspiration, and she has focused on it all while losing her father this last year.

My life has gotten harder lately, especially now my husband’s cousin died of covid and my longest and dearest friend has it (I’ve been checking on her daily and this has been no walk in the park).

As a quick aside, my husband’s cousin wasn’t vaccinated but we know nothing about his treatment or health status. Two other cousins of his are very sick with it and have been vaccinated. Dr, Malone, involved in the mRNA technology, is very worried about ADE (look it up), and thinks risk assessment should have used, not a blanket roll out. I agree.

Anyway, I’ve lost some friends lately, obviously, not to the disease — I’ve lost my mentor of 30 years as I’ve written about. He’s a zealot, so am sure he’ll never rethink what he’s done or apologize. Or never stand up for all individual rights of free expression and belief. “Never ever” as he puts it. Imagine closing all doors to any healing or understanding or meeting of the minds with people who have been in your life all that time. Another friend did the same, the only woman who seems to be this unbalanced that I know, a high school friend I’ve had since I was 16 –but she’s ill and not right in the head, so I let her go, and realize she probably can’t behave otherwise at this point. And I’ve temporarily, maybe, lost anoother, though I can’t imagine either of us closing a door like that forever.

Anyway, I’ve resolved today to take my writer and blogger friends’ advice even if it drags into late evening to do it—–

And it will I’m sure—

Just as I was writing this, we had a huge disaster that took an hour to deal with and we still don’t know the results of the chest x-ray. Dad has to see a general surgeon over an issue on his abdomen as well. And I was up until 4 a.m. dealing with my his mask alarm.

And I got another heartbreaking email just now from my mentor that consumed the next hour just to get my breath, let alone energy to do anything else.

So it will indeed be into the evening if I manage to pull off my goal here. And no exercise because I am too exhausted to do that. I need to get into an exercise routine and I have company books I’m way behind on–my house is a disaster and weeds taking over my garden…

But I’ll somehow do those two things by this evening and see if there is any way to regain my balance. Will report in tomorrow.

Happy Thurs.

9 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Today – I’m following my friends’ advice

  1. Doomed. Trying to write this because I won’t be writing anything else. Huge bandage on my finger from slicing it with a mandolin. Wasn’t even using it… not my day.

  2. I thought I’d left a comment; do you suffer from menopause-brain like I do?

    Being introverted (I scored in the lowest percentile in extroversion on Jordan Peterson’s Big Five test), I don’t have a large social circle. In my younger years, I preferred the company of men to that of women. Women are often catty and unpredictable (I certainly was back in the day). Now that I have matured a’plenty, I have come to truly appreciate the support and fellowship of other women, of all ages…but I’m pretty picky (and not everyone’s cup of tea), so it can be a challenge. However, I absolutely treasure the handful of women I call “friends”, and I’m always on the hunt for another.

    I’m so sorry to hear of your mandolin accident. Of all things!

    Hold tight: we’re in for a bumpy(ier) ride…but you’re not alone. 🌻

    1. Menopause brain? I wouldn’t doubt it! I used to prefer men, too. And I agree. I’m picky, too, but I’d say I’m closer to women now. My daughter and a few good women friends. I am sure I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. I guess I would say when I was young and a writer, I would have described myself as an introvert maybe. Until you really pissed me off. 🙂 I still hate public speaking and I tend to sit back and watch in social situations, but I wouldn’t say I’m an introvert anymore. But not an extrovert either! 🙂

      1. 1. You’re STILL a writer.
        2. “Introvert” doesn’t mean shy or reserved, it just means that you gain energy from being alone rather than from being around people. You may, in fact, be an extrovert: most people are. It’s an extroverted world.

        How’s the finger healing? And your husband and Dad? Woman, you do have your hands full, and with little fun: welcome to my world! Sometimes I think that maybe I’m being prepared for something REALLY hard…but other times, I suspect I’m just really unlucky or maybe gathered some nasty karma along the way.

        Whatever; it sucks. 🌻

      2. I got used to teaching of course, but it wasn’t easy and reading my work was very difficult but I did it. I don’t think I’ll ever love it. But I’ve probably done all I’ll have to anymore. Especially if I don’t get my ass writing! I am not sure I learned how to cheat well enough. I did make written outlines sort of for myself and all even for teaching.

      1. We share the same tribe! 👍🏼 And I’m neither shy nor retiring, either.

        I don’t suffer from social anxiety, either, but I don’t love public speaking. Not one bit. And I happen to belong to a church where EVERYONE is trained to give talks and teach classes from childhood (I, however, am a convert 🤦‍♀️). Anyway, I dislike it so much that I mastered a way to write my talks (when I give them) in a “speaking voice”, so that when I read it (surreptitiously, of course), it sounds like I’m speaking naturally. (My husband teaches Public Speaking, and he brags about how well I publicly-speak the wrong way. 😂)

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