“Who Needs A Doctor When You Have the Farmers Almanac”

I love Phil’s piece here. Really made me feel like life was normal for a few minutes!

Notes From The Cactus Patch

I have been reading the revered “Farmers Almanac” for the past 6 months, and it’s surprising how accurate and sometimes, inaccurate it can be.

The Almanac and I go back a long way. My Grandparents introduced me to the book when I was six years old and spent summers on their Texas farm trying to convert myself from a city slicker to a country boy. They were firm believers in the power of its predictions, although they were let down more than a few times.

This fine morning, as I drink a cup of java and read the pages, it tells me the summer in this part of Texas is forecast to be cooler and wetter than average. I know it to be BS the moment I read it. No summer in Texas is cooler and wetter. Every day for us is misery and suffering topped off with biting and…

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2 thoughts on ““Who Needs A Doctor When You Have the Farmers Almanac”

  1. I love that!! My grandparents would read the Almanac too, and with my mom’s mom being Appalachian she used a lot of home remedies. I’m about the only person (in my generation at least) keeping some of those practices going. I should probably collect more from her before her brain goes and all the “Hocus Pocus” disappears…!

    1. Yeah, I subscribed recently out of some sense of nostalgia! I never really read it when I was young and my parents didn’t, but it’s nice to remember how simple things were, I think. And I believe in a little “Hocus Pocus.” 🙂 Phil writes some funny stuff, too.

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