Carnivore Dreams – Friends Again

Me and my little grandson — he’s my friend.

Just a post about the friends I’ve made blogging. And a couple quotes by two folks I love in relation to standing up for the truth:

It’s like Jordan said when Tucker asked him:  are you happy about what you did standing up?  Here is his response, something I think is so brilliant and gives me solace:  “I can’t say I’m ‘happy.’  I miss my quiet life as a university professor and my private practice.  I’ve paid big prices for doing it, but also had great opportunities open up because I did it.  And so has my family. But that isn’t really the point.  You pay a price if you don’t tell the truth and stand up either way, and the price is too big to be quiet.  So whatever happens because you do the right thing is the way it should be, the only thing that could happen, whatever the result is.  It has to be right.”  I’m paraphrasing some, but it is SO on target.  He’s a great guy.  I lost my writing and if I wanted to teach, I would have lost my seniority manipulated out because of my political positions.

Tucker had Douglas Murray On Tucker Carlson Today recently and he said essentially the same thing.  If all Americans (presumably conservatives or rather civil libertarians really since many people I follow on substack would not consider themselves conservatives. Yet since they are the ones primarily being censored, they must speak up) –did in fact speak up more and said their truth, (seems to be no shortage hearing the Truth of the Left) it could do a world of good.  He also pointed out that for every friend you lose, you’ll make two more and they’ll be fabulous, fascinating people from all over the world.

I’ve already found that to be the case, particularly with my blogging. (Susan, Smitha, John, Christopher, Phil, Kate in no order! — and more, a few I don’t know their first names and all!). It’s been worth it. And I have students I correspond with from all over the world, and then my family and close friends still.

As Jordan says, I can’t say I’m “happy” I’ve lost a few people, but then it is what it is and how it must be and therefore how it should be.

Happy Tuesday. It’s house cleaning day for me today. My back is getting better slowly so I’m being careful and taking a few breaks from the scrubbing.

3 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Friends Again

  1. I definitely feel very fortunate to have found you! The time is coming (actually, I think it’s here) when we will need to support and speak up for each other.

    I’ve been mighty impressed with the nurses and medical professionals who are taking a stand. I’ve just learned that an old friend faces losing his license to practice dentistry because he refuses to be vaxxed. Never mind that he has already had COVID and he has his antibodies checked every six weeks or so. 🤦‍♀️

  2. Yes, we must speak up. Everybody who does, does their part! Like Douglas Murray says. And yep, lots of health care people refusing (why aren’t they lining up???), and even a few celebrities. Bill Maher, the Nikki girl and more starting to say things. They are going to have to stop if we all say no. I am encouraged by this as well. And people like Matt Taibbi, Glenn Greenwald, Alex Berenson who used to be liberal folks speaking up loud on substack. And some politicians finally growing some cojones. So while so many things seem unbelievable, there are some things to be hopeful about. 🙂

    1. Don’t forget Eric Clapton (who was injured by the vax) and Van Morrison…and even Nikki Minaj!

      My brother-in-law is currently sick as a dog with the Covid; he’s alone, so I drove to AZ Tuesday night to stay with him and give him a hand around the house. I’m loaded up with supplements and things, plus, I had the virus in February (though it was very mild). I’ll quarantine here (where it’s been about 100° every day…why does anyone live here?). Matt’s taking care of his dad, so we’re spread pretty thinly atm…

      Here’s to staying healthy!!

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