Carnivore Dreams – Edison Lights

I was going to vent (every time I think things can’t worse, they do) the next time I got on here, but I’m too emotionally beat to do it.

So instead we put up Edison lights. Yesterday. The posts will be painted the dark brown next year. You can see in the daylight photo a bit better — that over the entryway we will put a cross board and I will put a metal bonefish on that. I don’t take very good pictures, so will have my daughter do it when she comes. Makes the deck a lot more useful at night for using the hot tub or grilling. I have a solo fire pit coming on Thurs. and couple solar trout lights for in the garden on the edge of the deck, oh and some other bonefish coming for the privacy fence you don’t see here.

I’m a Pisces, come from a family of boat captains back to the turn of the century, and I fly fish.

I love fish.

But I can see the deck from the french doors in my bedroom and it makes a whole room out of it. I think I’ll put planters on those posts next year. Unfinished it looks a little like a pub situation, but I think it will look neat when we paint and finish decorating next year. Wood needs to weather some before we do that.

Pictures not the greatest.

So my dad is having blood pressure problems worse than before. If he transfers or walks at all with a walker, it’s been diving to nothing. So that has kept us hopping for the last ten days or so. But we are going to try to load him in the car tomorrow for a color drive and a take out meal in Charlevoix. We have a neat route in mind. Will try to get a few pics.

Then we have friends coming this weekend and my husband’s brother the next. They are hoping to get out on the boat a little bit and we’ll be doing more drives. I love the fall.

Happy Wednesday (tomorrow) folks.

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