Carnivore dreams – Liberals and Critical Thinking

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Sorry I haven’t been writing much. Dad was first having blood pressure issues that took a couple weeks to solve and then we took him on the SS Badger to get him on a boat again. His 90th birthday is Nov. 27th and we are planning a surprise party. This time of year is busy and we’ve been doing some house projects.

I’ve also been busy fending off full on attacks by a liberal family member. I mean full time hounding/harrassing us to get this vaccine. Like articles and emails amounting to 40/day. At one point claimed my husband had a 50/50 chance of surviving this — that is the stuff they think. My husband has a heart stent and is 69, so he is somewhat high risk, but his survival rate is still about 95%, probably much better. Bill Maher pointed out Democrats are terrified

The most amazing thing of all though is he first sent me an email accusing me of not being able to think critically. The idiot examples of HIM not doing that abound and would take all day, but besides thinking people have a 50% chance of dying without considering ruining the lives of our young (risking their health and fertility with such low actual risk), taking jobs away from people who don’t deserve it, demonizing people who might have other reasons to decide their private health decisions, besides all this, the hypocrisy of this narrative is almost breath-taking. And here it is:

When Colin Powell dies fully vaccinated it’s comorbidities or when people die of the vaccine itself it’s also…wait for it… comorbidities; BUT when any unvaccinated person dies (90 years old with comorbidities out the wazoo), it’s the VIRUS and unvaccinated state. PICK ONE.

It’s not BOTH.

It’s likely the vaccine is highly ineffective since here in our town my brother and his wife attended a recent funeral, ventillated area, both vaccinated, both got it (my brother a bit worse and did the antibody treatment — he’s 64 and in fairly decent health). THe daughter of the lady who died (not of covid) came over and gave my 90-year-old dad a big lecture on being vaccinated (which he was) — her husband in his 60’s–vaccinated–died of it two weeks later.

My liberal family member (my husband’s cousin) will say he had comorbidities.

The stupidity of all this is breathtaking alone. But the fact they believe THEY and this GOVERNMENT have the right to demonize people, hound them, fire them, and more for a disease that is 99% survivable for the population just shows you where we are headed.

Come on, people, THINK!!

As I write this, I found out my daughter has covid –she’s a school teacher and it seemed a matter of time. She’s 37 and in good health. Unvaccinated. She will take ivermectin, c, d, quercetin, zinc, aspirin, H1 and H2 blockers (pepcid and an antihistamine), etc. Ivermectin hasn’t arrived yet. But clearly vaccines have little to do with any of it–your overall health is the deal. She isn’t overweight and is in good health. Keep a good thought.

Happy Monday.

2 thoughts on “Carnivore dreams – Liberals and Critical Thinking

  1. When people make a decision on an emotional basis, especially when they have been manipulated and fooled, then they are impervious to any logical and reasoned argument.

    So if you want to persuade them, you have to use an emotional argument.

    I used an emotional argument with members of the vaxx cult recently when they were complaining about the unvaccinated and saying that they shouldn’t be treated. Here is my argument.

    “Damn the unvaccinated!!!! Kill them! Murder them! Let them burn in hell!”

    Your path ends in fascism and death camps.

    Thus endeth the lesson.

    1. Ha, carry their idiocy to the absurd and maybe they’ll get it. Probably not, though. They’d probably be happy. But your way might make some think twice. 🙂

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