Carnivore Dreams – Chairs

Second picture a bit blurry but we like them with my mom’s antique table.

I’m not sure if this part of the house with the siding photographs as well as it should–this is not your usual paneling. It was done in 1940 or so and is very expensive, nice paneling which is why my mother left it in this room when they added on and remodeled the house. Drywall in the front master bedroom.

My mom had very short formal chairs that belonged to my grandmother around the table and they just didn’t work. So we are happy with the new ones.

We are still resisting vaccination and totally opposing mandates. Something feels off on these vaccines. Especially if you study Europe and now they are vaccinating little kids in California. That seems insane. We know plenty of people injured or dead from this vaccine and others sick, one dead who were vaccinated. So many worrisome things. My daughter and son-in-law and his parents are recovering from Covid–his parents vaccinated, my daughter and son-in-law and grandson not. Our grandson was in intimate contact with his parents and never got it. He’s five. But I’ve been a bit distracted with that.

I’ve also been busy with visitors. Our good friends were just here for three days and we loved it and my husband’s brother and wife coming this weekend. We need to close our camp on Tues. and then plan for Thanksgiving and a surprise birthday party for my dad on Nov. 27th –90th — and that will keep me quite busy.

I’m trying not to watch too much garbage on the news. If Youngkin wins on Tuesday we’ll feel more optimistic about this mess, though not until election integrity is achieved.

Happy Friday. How are you all doing?

8 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Chairs

  1. Still living the good (and, as-yet, all unvaxxed, but we have naturally-acquired immunity, thank heavens) life in Southern CA. Just paid over $425 at the grocery store for what I paid $285 just over a year ago. And gas is $4.45/gal for the cheap stuff.

    Things are going downhill fast. Hubby wants to leave, but go where? We can sell our house for a fortune, but then what? Everyone we know and love (and who love us) are HERE.

    Anyway, your place is beautiful, and I love the paneling. It’s beautiful: and nothing feels as good as old, hard wood.

    1. Texas maybe or Tennessee or Florida. I don’t recommend Michigan these days. Though I think they cheated on the election. Matthew Stafford is out your way now, so I have to sign on to NFL Gamepass deal, to replay his games. I liked S. California when I lived there (four years), but knew I didn’t want to stay and I can see why. Awful when family is there–maybe you can pack them all up! Thanks on the paneling.

  2. Come to Texas. It ain’t as cheap as it was last December, but it’s a lot less than CA. That table and paneling are beautiful. I grew up in a house in Fort Worth that had Knotty Pine paneling throughout the house, and when I see it, the good memories abound. My son and his wife are vaxxed and they have had China Virus twice. My wife and I are vaxxed, but we think we had it about a year and a half ago, all the symptoms, etc. I’ve done everything except lick a handrail at Walmart, and I’m still as healthy as Bubba Gump. These days, the msm news is produced by Satan Inc. Old Lester, even though he is a natty dresser, can’t seem to spit out a truthful statement. He is the best yet on running interference for everything that is going to hell. I hope your friend checks out Granbury Texas, where the wife and I have lived for 9 years. It’s been voted numerous times the best Historical small town in the USA. Very quaint, conservative, and everybody carries a firearm on their hip. No crime here.

    1. Thanks, Phil, for saying that about my paneling! It’s the nicest I’ve ever seen anywhere, too. Mom was an antique dealer and it would have bothered her to yank out all that nice wood. She put a wood vaulted ceiling back here in big bedroom to tie in, drywall walls. It works.

      I think about living in Texas a lot, at least they have big water, but so many liberals there now I’m afraid it won’t stay red! Freaking liberals in all these states now. And like Susan, family is all here mostly. My brother is in Florida 7 months of the year. Granbury, huh? Might have to look that up.

      I’m glad you’re healthy down there! I imagine our cases will start rising here in Michigan now we have the heat on. It might be more air circulation than temperature. When people come over I turn our furnace way down, no forced air, and use the fireplaces, keep doors open. I get sick on public transportation (though I haven’t been on it in years), and have always thought it was air circulation.

    2. Phil (or is it John?) Your new post about your band won’t load when you go to comment or open it up–I can only read it from my email and I can’t read or see it very well. ” It says Page Not Found.” Try reposting it maybe.

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