Carnivore Dreams – Portals

We closed the camp on Tuesday. Three and a half hours up and the climate quite different up that away already. A good four inches maybe, melting fast. It’s peaceful there as it is in very few places on earth, at least places where people have a bit of access. I wanted to stay longer, but even that long was good.

It’s a portal — portals being places that help one escape to the type of fantasy world one must inhabit in order to write — write anything. A portal is anyplace or anything or anyone that precipitates access.

I purchased The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and Wardrobe. Amazingly, I hadn’t seen it and it barely floated back to me that it was C. S. Lewis. I’ll refresh myself on his work and philosophy in coming days. But of course it’s synchronistic that the wardrobe is a portal much like jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge in Kate and Leopold, a time travel piece with similarities to my fantasy novel. I won’t give away my device portal in my book that enables my dream character to dreamscape, or dream walk. Not good to talk about a work before it’s finished–the drive to work on it diminishes.

I’m hoping my better frame of mind will invite my mother into my dreams–should she cooperate, she’ll inform my work, that’s a given — dreams themselves the obvious portals for all human experience — figuratively and literally. I need to get my woodfire cookbook and memoir finished so I can get back into the fantasy novel. To that end, I’ll edit a bit before getting to sleep, nod off to Chronicles.

It’s late already, so I’ll pull my pocket door shut and sleep in and let my husband handle the shower lady for my dad. Then edit a bit more over coffee, exercise and roast a chicken.

Yesterday was encouraging in the elections, though not truly encouraging until we have election integrity reform in every swing state–one suspects some margins too large for even the cheaters in Virginia–the results a surprise. I miss earlier times so desperately but then this is the first time in my memory conservatives (and others) have stood up and said no and fought back against censorship and government over-reach. The politicians should be getting the message and perhaps we’ll see them do their jobs. If not, they can be replaced.

It’s been difficult to work and it’s important to find those portals — those access points to one’s soul, to one’s narrative. Our stories.

It’s a very busy November. My kids come Saturday to take care of Dad so we can head to Cleveland Clinic for a better check on my husband’s heart issues. I’m planning duck and lamb for Saturday night before we leave on Sunday. And this Friday a friend for pan seared pork chops in sage and onion brown butter sauce. My dad’s 90th on Thanksgiving weekend. A lot of planning and cooking ahead.

Happy Thursday. How goes it for all you?

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