Carnivore Dreams – “the odds”

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My husband sends emails to my son (who just went sky-diving) explaining that on his life insurance form it asked if you sky-dived among other things. I think it’s cool my son did this but not eager for him to make it a weekly habit…

Life insurance form, you ask?

Hmm, let me ask you the odds of a husband who lets the forwarding of mail expire (despite being asked for weeks and more than a month, maybe two, by his wife to double-check and be sure the address was changed permanently–we get quite a lot of mail here where I take care of my dad because many banks and credit cards, etc. have the new address), and lets his life insurance lapse after paying on it for 35 years when we had five years left on it, of surviving long into the future? (BTW, I do all the bills, even company ones, keep track of everything, organize healthcare, etc.–he goes to the post office…)

One might think if one watched the ID murder channel that a husband or wife had LESS chance of surviving WITH life insurance, but…

He thinks he’s going to get the policy reinstated at the same rate. Right. That’s why we are headed to Cleveland Clinic this Sunday.

Odds of dying jumping out of plane? Odds of dying of procrastination and carelessness? Let’s see…. I’d go with the plane. Better odds.

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