Carnivore Dreams – New Leaf

Photo by Rahul Pandit on

Down at Cleveland Clinic — we have some good doctors in place now in case my husband needs them, but his numbers are much improved after four months on a keto diet.

But I realized through all of it that if I don’t do better taking care of my physical and mental health I won’t be able to take care of anyone else.

Furthermore, though, I need to get focused to have some kind of enjoyable life which means get back to exercise, yoga, and writing for now. I will not feel good until this happens.

So it will.

We had a nice room here with a full kitchen so didn’t have to eat out. Had some great steaks and even better pan seared pork chops.

Here are a couple pics and I promise to post some actual writing material soon. How are you all on this fine Monday?

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