Carnivore Dreams – Musings

I haven’t been blogging much.

It’s true.

I’ve been busy. Caretaking seems to get more demanding or more wearying. Three years this winter.

I’ve had a lot of headaches (morning especially) that sometimes don’t clear all day (I think I need to add organ meat or supplements to my diet, so I ordered desiccated liver and organ capsules this morning–as much as I love to eat almost anything, beef liver might be the only thing I can’t tolerate and I’ve tried cooking it differently–chicken livers are ok if not overcooked, even kind of good, but will try these supplements and see).

I was taking colloidal silver spray which I think interfered with my thyroid meds, too.

So struggling a bit, and planning a 90th birthday party for my father who turns that age Nov. 27th.

But I’m taking a day for myself to try to lift this headache. The boys are all going off to the haircut store and I will exercise and get in the tub. No bills today.

I feel things are about to erupt or melt down. You can feel it hanging in the air. The signs:

Many of the most vaccinated places in the US and in the world have soaring covid cases. Such as Vermont and New Hampshire and even here in Michigan–though we are lower in vaccination rate than the other two. Utah is looking bad despite a high rate. And Colorado as well. That’s worrisome enough. The data collecting in US is completely incompetent. We have no idea how many total breakthrough cases there are, those not hospitalized, which would give us a much better idea of efficacy. They are also calling everyone who is not fully vaccinated at least two weeks “unvaccinated” instead of studying this and keeping that data specific–how many are truly completely unvaccinated? Does the vaccine weaken immune systems. At the very least, we know they don’t work.

I know way more people infected who are vaccinated (even dead) than unvaccinated. And I have proof that natural immunity works while vaccinations do not.

All of this is true. But I have this feeling. Of foreboding that these booster shots are going to kill people in unprecedented numbers. That cardiologist who famously said he wouldn’t feel sorry for the unvaccinated dead just died in his sleep after the booster, 52 years old. Young people and athletes are mysteriously dying, though the mainstream media is ignoring it and Big Tech is censoring it. Good that I have a small following or I’m sure I wouldn’t be allowed to post this.

The same people responsible for creating this catastrophe are considered the “experts.”


But you can feel this building to the point they can’t hide it much longer. Natural immunity is better than vaccination. Vaccines don’t work. And I just feel these boosters are going to be the tipping point–younger people who would have been fine surviving covid are going to be injured or die in enormous numbers. The vaccine injured so far are in denial about the cause of these mysterious illnesses. But that likely won’t last long no matter how much they try to hide it.

The invasion of privacy from this administration from mandates of health information to spying on bank accounts to expanding IRS and the rest of these horrible polices, those at the border, the woke social programs they are trying to pass, the election abuses they want to legalize–this racist propaganda they are teaching in all our schools at every level. Cancelling of any political view they disagree with–the narrative that half this country are racists and insurrectionists and more — the control of that narrative is breathtaking. We’ve allowed them to monopolize all the spheres of influence in this country while we were complacent, not recognizing that crazy can indeed take hold in any society that is not vigilant.

Even though we are considered high risk here, we have decided to fight covid (if we contract it) with antibodies and therapeutics. We found out if we get it we don’t need a doctor’s prescription to receive antibody treatment and we have other therapeutics ready. And a doctor friend who will prescribe the anti-depressant and other drugs to treat. We are not heavy and eat good diets here. My father has been vaccinated but not boosted. Even he is not convinced he should do that third shot, though he did get the flu shot–they came around and provided it to the home bound community. He’s always gotten that. If it were just me, I’d almost prefer to get it and get natural immunity but I do have my dad and my son with Downs here. And nobody to care for them even if I didn’t give it to them.

My father’s vaccine shed on me after his second dose, I’m certain, and gave me shingles — something that is happening with vaccines as well as Bell’s palsy, Guillane Barr, other mysterious neurological ailments, heart inflammation, strokes, and death. Of course, they deny this.

So I feel disaster hanging over all of us. That doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy our holidays. Or try to. My kids get tested before they come and the party we will have with much of it outside with heaters and fires and open doors, no forced air, just our fire places inside as well. Many people coming have natural immunity. The vaccinated ones worry me more, much more, but I am also convinced we will be ok if careful.

Just like when I ordered toilet paper when they erected those hospitals in China (and stocked up on food), I ordered all my Christmas presents and all holiday food weeks ago. I have a small turkey, a small ham, some venison medallions, our beef filets, lobster tails, and plenty of shrimp and scallops and mussels for cioppino and shrimp cocktails my son loves (need a good 16 pounds to get through all the holidays–at least). And a twenty pound prime rib we will cut in half and have the other half for Easter. I also have some racks of lamb and a duck should we need them. Oh, and a few quail in the freezer I ought to cook soon. The Christmas presents are all wrapped, so supply chains will not affect US anyway. Or not much. Since we don’t go out much anymore, we can afford to eat well over the holidays. And we plan to.

Ah, I see my last Christmas present for my husband arrived, I can’t say what it is because he reads this.

So I am going to heed my Nanna’s words: do what you can and leave the rest to God, she said. Healthy eating, exercising, and faith will get us through.

And my new liver/organ supplements — I think I’ll give those to my son and husband, as well.

I suspect my headaches are also linked the nightshades I’ve been eating all summer. Need to cut them out. The carbs that are the best are avocado, squash, and a couple others I can’t think of. A few fruits better than vegetables because they don’t contain lectins, oxalates or phyto-nutrients that stop absorption of other vital nutrients. Oh HONEY. Gonna add in honey. Need to order some good honey right now.

So I wish you a peaceful Tuesday. I’m going to work toward one with some good exercise and a nice soak in the tub –and maybe even some time in the hot tub.

2 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Musings

  1. Did you take off the “like” button?

    My dad’s first wife (who remains part of our extended family) had a cerebral thrombosis the day after her booster; she had a stroke following the surgery.

    A friend of mine in her 80s told me today that, ever since her first shot, she hasn’t “been the same since”.

    My mom finally confessed to me that the second shot laid her out for nearly a week.

    However, my son—despite real pressure from his boyfriend to get vaxxed (BF is a True Believer™️, PLUS he travels a lot)—has been paying attention and said he’s waiting at LEAST another full year before reassessing his decision not to be vaxxed. Huzzah! My heart has been soothed considerably.

    All is okay here. It’s wonderful to hear from you!

  2. Hi Susan, looks like the like button is still there on my end. I know there is something wrong with these vaccines/boosters. I just hope it isn’t as bad as my foreboding feeling. I talked my dad out of a booster. He did ok with first two shots (though he shed on me and gave me shingles). I’m so glad to hear about your son. I am sure the thing to do is deal with the virus if we get it. I finally feel totally sure it’s the way to go for us. Glad you are doing well!!

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