Carnivore Dreams – Happy Thanksgiving


The wind is whistling by our home here on the bay at least 30 mph. A bit of snow as well. Nice in here with our fires.

Our big dinner will be tomorrow when our daughter and son-in-law and grandson come. Our youngest son has covid and will remain downstate, though he’s doing pretty well — unvaccinated.

We had chili and quesadillas and traditionally watched our Lions lose.

Tomorrow will be turkey and stuffing and potatoes and all that. Sat. is my dad’s 90th birthday surprise party. Ham and lasagna and Greek salad. Lots of shrimp and a great cheese board. Pies. You know…

We are grateful we are still here. And I’m grateful for my WordPress family.

My writing computer is shot –again–which is why I haven’t been working on anything really. I had been doing pretty well until then. Or had just gotten started. And waiting on my daughter to fix a layout issue on the memoir. So I’ve been cooking.

Will start posting some writing soon as this issue is solved. I think I’ll buy a new computer since they want $200 to fix that piece of garbage–have my son or daughter transfer everything over–I hate that.

I don’t think I like the spacing on this. Why did it change? Space and a half?

Happy Thanksgiving, folks. I hope you are all healthy and warm.

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