Carnivore Dreams — Aged Me

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Need my beef to help me recuperate. So am relying on steak, eggs, my liver and organ supplements. Other vitamins.

A month or so ago my daughter and son-in-law contracted Covid. Always worrisome but they got through it FAIRLY easily. My son? Not so much. He had a mild pneumonia and I think all the treatments actually worked, but he had a reaction to the steroids they gave him in Port Huron (where he went for monoclonal antibodies) which actually caused a psychosis — made him sleep deprived and saying goofy things. And at one point, almost catatonic he was so exhausted. We spent two nights in different emergency rooms because the first idiot hospital did not rule out a thrombosis of some kind.

He’s ok and much better after some sleep and a vitamin drip.

I had discouraged my kids from the vaccine. Didn’t tell them not to, but discouraged it. So this last month or so has aged me ten years, I think. I look hideous. Good thing for hair dye, but that won’t erase the bags under my eyes and my haggard appearance, dry skin, despite some sleep, lots of water, and no wine for the past four days. Bone broth.

Amazingly, despite hours and hours cooped up with sick covid patients (Michigan is surging or was), I managed not to get this thing. PCR negative and home tests so far, but I’ve remained another four days in our trailer to be sure I’m not introducing one of those strains into our home.

Remarkably this has not sold me on these vaccines. You may think I’m nuts. But now they say they aren’t working on Omicron and they are introducing spike proteins into the body every few months. Lots of injuries. They say it is breaking through previous infections, though all appearances say it’s mild if it does–better protection than those vaccines, so I feel FAIRLY confident my kids will be ok –what to do now?

Well, I took prophylactic ivermectin, colloidal silver nose spray, and gargled with over the counter peroxide mouthwash. Did that work? Not sure, but will put my son with Downs and my husband on that regimen over the holidays. I’m also not willing to give up any kind of a life at my age. My son and I both have some auto-immune issues so that shot is extremely worrisome for us. I let my husband make up his own mind. He wanted me to vaccinate our son with Downs so if I’m wrong on that decision, based on how I look now, it will probably kill me. But we do have treatments and he’s not obese or in poor health other than Downs. I also believe this regimen would reduce viral load should we contract it and highly recommend it if you are in groups.

We’ll see.

I have relatives hounding me to be vaccinated, of course. And I’m sure Biden’s “testing” roll out he’s talking about is another way to keep track of us all. Though done properly, it seems a good solution–people would know better when to stay home if they were asymptomatic, for instance. The first smart thing he’s done since taking office.

My family starts gathering Thurs – Sun. and I start cooking cioppino base tomorrow and maybe some shrimp. We will have venison Thurs. night, filet and lobster Friday night, and cioppino Christmas day. New Year’s Eve will be just us and prime rib and Yorkshire pudding.

I hope your month has been better than mine, but I also know there are folks out there with much worse months and I’m grateful as all get out that my month went as it did.

I keep thinking I’ll get back into my revising and my novel. I know part of my mental issues are that I never feel good when I’m not writing. A New Year’s resolution. And to learn to handle stress–I don’t think it’s going to disappear any time soon in today’s world.

I miss my childhood and when my children were little so much it aches at times, struggle to see any good coming from things today, yet we must have faith. My daughter wanted us to go to a Christmas Eve service, but as things are, we’ll be faithful at home.

Happy Tues.

12 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams — Aged Me

  1. So glad to see you back at it! Missed you!

    I’m with you: I’m staying shot-free, and I’m relieved my husband and son are with me on this. We’ve all had the ‘vid (last year this time; probably delta?) and it wasn’t that big a deal for us. Everyone else in our fam is vaxxed, as are most everyone we know, but we’re hermits, so they can’t shed on us. (“Don’t Shed On Me”—need that on a T-shirt. Lol.)

  2. Don’t shed on me. I love it. BUT I WILL stay away from anyone boosted recently for sure. I don’t know anyone boosted except maybe these health people I have to let in. But I am not real close to them like I was my dad. 🙂

  3. I have a feeling they’re going to keep the “pandemic” going as long as they can, so stress relief is probably not a bad idea.

    Anyway, Merry Christmas! Sounds like you have a few days of interesting menus planned…

    1. p.s., John, yes even if Omicron is mild, they will do all they can to keep their boots on our neck. So some kind of stress management is definitely in order.

  4. Hope you and family have a good holiday gathering. Don’t worry too much about the Omicron, it’s very busy in New York right now and doesn’t have time for us folks in the country.

    1. Phil, I think you might be right. I hope so! Most of us aren’t out much, but my daughter IS a schoolteacher. Still, I think we’ll be ok. Texas is sounding better all the time…Merry Christmas to you.

      1. p.s., Phil, not really a Florida fan but if we could get Ron DeSantis to move to Texas, I might be all over it. A little leery of some of those folks at times down there. At least McConaghey (sp) decided not to run. Keep things sane down there!

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