Carnivore Dreams – New Year I hear?

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I tried to download/upload, whatever, my daughter’s actual photo/video of the cocktails she made for New Year’s Eve which were amazing, but it entails getting fancier apps on my computer and this one is the company computer. About to see if they fixed the computer I normally write on — directly. And I’m technologically challenged. So I had to settle for this free photo. Still, it’s nice.

I sit here trying to take stock — I am behind my usual New Year’s taking stock for a number of reasons. My son had a dicey time with covid, a mild pneumonia but a terrible reaction to a steroid and sleep deprivation. Unvaccinated, so a bit scary. My daughter and her husband did fairly well with it in comparison — also unvaxxed. But partly, I’m behind because New Year’s Day fell on Saturday and Sunday was football, too, and my dad has pneumonia — not covid. Most likely from aspirating crap. So yesterday and today filled with taking the tree and decorations down and dealing with prescriptions and doctors and shower ladies.

But even if I’d been on time, I’d be somewhat shell-shocked. As I imagine we all are.

Looking back, it seemed at first that Covid afforded us all a chance to take stock, to re-evaluate our lives and I think it did that perhaps too well. It revealed completely different political philosophies and approaches to life and liberty and health and who has a right to what.

But it of course turned into insanity. The only possible reason most of the world could behave the way they are to people hesitant at the vaccines would be if they were indeed (as advertised) sterilizing vaccines and did in fact stop the spread. Then it might make some sense. But it’s becoming pretty obvious, they have increased infectivity as the Japanese warned (who have no lockdowns or mandates–they were always smarter than we are). But if you want to be vaccinated, more power to you — and if they lessen your disease (debatable), the unvaxxed are no threat to you. This was obvious before, but Omicron has made it completely obvious. Of course, the fascist left loves any reason to take away freedom and if Omicron does its job and gets us to herd immunity or close before they can come up with some other idiot vaccine, we will get out from under their thumb.

And render this virus endemic and mild.

Austria, Australia, Germany, Norway, Denmark and the UK have gone completely mad. Oh, let’s not forget Canada (I love how one of these MSN articles listed all these countries as the “most free in the world.” What a joke. I haven’t caught up with Sweden lately, but one hopes they have retained their sanity since they did this right from the beginning.)

But the next month or two will tell the tale here. I see people actually being published who agreed with Dr. Malone and Alex Berenson and Dr. McCullough (who were censored and demonized) that you vaccinate the vulnerable, open the economy and schools, masks don’t work, stop it all. Bring on therapeutics which is the other thing that will get us out of this. They have needlessly killed thousands of people because they neglected this. Didn’t push monoclonals and aspirin and other remedies, anti-virals like Ivermectin. The new ones they have are non-existent so far. Where are they??? And they demonized Trump who handled this much much better. (Even a mainstream article here and there acknowledging that!).

But I have dragged out my reading material — I never write unless I’m reading something —anything. So will read some Carnivore Code, some Jordan Peterson, and some RFK Jr. to start. I used to read literary fiction all the time and loved it and now it reads like self-absorbed elitist garbage, mostly produced from idiot MFA grad students instead of good writing from all walks of life–which is what it was once upon a time. (And I WROTE literary fiction). I had already moved into a fantasy time/dream thing (which are always somewhat literary due to complex structures) when I was cancelled from my university publisher and my adjunct professorship–at the time because I thought commercial publishing would be my only option — NOW I’m disgusted with contemporary literary fiction (except for Margaret Atwood and a few people standing up against this fascism and brainwashing going on in universities). Problem is all my Margaret is up at camp. I still like the classics. Hemingway, Shakespeare, F. Scott and many back a ways. I may just read some time travel books to help with my project next…oh, and a re-reading of Tim Allen I’m Not Really Here helps create ballast in a world gone mad. And a good laugh.

And all this brings me to WHAT I’ll write about. Everything I’m working on seems to need to be revised as the world seems so different now, human nature revealed as so pathetic and lacking, influenced by mass psychosis — a whole world behaving like Nazi Germany (not the leaders, the followers). Group think is all they are capable of anymore, motivated only by fear perpetrated on them by truly evil people (not quite Hitler of course) who intend to permanently control mankind (oh excuse me, HUMANKIND) forevermore. Quoth the raven: Nevermore is what I say, thank you Edgar. I wonder if Margaret is not appalled with all her dystopian novels that it is clearly the left perpetrating it all.

But the next couple months will reveal where we are headed. Certainly the mid-terms in Nov. will tell the tale.

We are unvaccinated, even my son with Downs — though we’ll see if we can escape Omicron. I use colloidal silver spray, peroxide mouthwash (over the counter Colgate), and prophylactic ivermectin and somehow escaped the covid factory hospital rooms I hung out with with my other son. Filled with both Delta and Omicron here in Michigan. I am a believer that even if we contract it, we will lower the viral load this way and of course immediate therapeutics instead of nothing until people are half dead. Luckily, we have doctors to help and maybe the idiot will get the anti-virals and monoclonals available as he should have all along.

But I suspect this will be a spiritual awakening for many and it will be clear who caves into fear and insanity and who embraces life.

I may even post some writing soon.

Happy New Year, folks. Hang in there.

One thought on “Carnivore Dreams – New Year I hear?

  1. All the simple, cheap, and readily available treatments for Covid (hcq, ivermectin, zinc, vitamin D etc.) were made out to be quackery while we sat around for months waiting for a vaccine that turned out to be effective until it wasn’t. Africa, meanwhile, had nothing but HCQ and Ivermecti, and they’re doing better than the rest of the world. Go figure…

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