Carnivore Dreams – Hope

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Hope burns eternal they say. Ok, it’s springs eternal. But I like the flame idea…

I hope so.

I’ve spent the day reading various things. Paul Saladino’s carnivore book, but mostly RFK Jr.’s book on Saint Fauci. Wow is all I can say. You should read it. Everybody should read it no matter what your stance on overall vaccines. It will change your perspective. Some interesting facts: About 1% of the people catch covid and die (I knew that one–less than 2% by far); of those that die only 6% have no other comorbidities (I didn’t know that one); and another one I knew: 78% of all deaths are people who are obese AND 60% of men who die with lung issues are horribly vitamin D deficient (I knew about obesity). The 6% amounts to 50,000 people BUT we don’t know how many were obese! VAERS says 20,000 died from vaccines and hundreds of thousands injured, some permanently disabled.

But we have relatives that hound us to get vaccinated. One might give them the benefit of the doubt– for a while –that they care about you. But as time goes on and they accuse you of no critical thinking skills, not listening to “the experts,” and finally of being “selfish,” it becomes clear that this is more than that and is primarily political. My husband’s cousin is one such person. It goes on and on, the hounding. He contacted me out of the blue, someone I’ve never met , picking up my email address from a group family email, accusing me of no critical thinking skills and claiming he didn’t want to lose any more family members to covid (another cousin of theirs apparently died unvaccinated, other health conditions unknown).

It’s finally become clear, though.

Virologists in the UK (further along in Omicron) think it will serve as a booster and immunity and end the pandemic. We will have five cold viruses around we can manage. This is good news, right? Published in the Daily Mail, certainly a leftist publication they should all trust. I sent on the article to him and others. But after this guy sent me an article in response about how Omicron wasn’t providing natural immunity (published by a financial editor after this guy is always talking about the “experts”–HIS experts, the only qualified people to speak and they must be unchallleged, his “experts,” suddenly, lo and behold, his “expert” virologists are less compelling than this financial chickie, you know, all of a sudden). It finally occurred to me: this guy does not WANT this thing to end. He’s actually online looking for something to refute these “experts?” What kind of people do that? Daily Mail should be trusted by the left and others of his ilk and these people are experts in the UK. These virologists are invoking history and other pandemics (and their OWN expertise) to be hopeful this way, and there’s no way this chickie can POSSIBLY know YET that they are wrong!

Wouldn’t you think this guy, this cousin, would be encouraged and would wait to see what happens in the next month or two?

But as I said, this guy WANTS disaster and he wants to control people. He’s a leftist of course. It never occurs to him that forcing experimental drugs on all our children (with no idea of long-term effects when they are virtually at 0 risk), to take away their childhoods, their learning at school, and any kind of social life from them to protect old farts like this guy (80 years old with quadruple bypass), and to ruin their economy, saddle them with billions of dollars of debt is the HEIGHT of selfishness. The quintessential definition of it.

Actually, they are completely brainwashed. If you send him actual data, he won’t look at it or research; he’ll send you back a hit piece demonizing the author (and claim I can’t do critical thinking?). These sheep are oblivious to the demonization and censorship of thousands of doctors and scientists who are objecting to this approach Saint Fauci is imposing on the world. He and Bill Gates.

They’ve killed hundreds of thousands of people by denying them early treatments that would have kept them out of the hospital. When did you hear them talk of monoclonals, vitamin D, C losing weight?, aspirin, pepcid, antihistamines, etc.? That’s right, you didn’t.

So it’s clear these people have no intention of giving up the control they’ve falsely imposed on society. They do NOT WANT this to be over! It was clear before but Omicron makes it crystal clear. Who would search up ANYTHING that would refute these experts from the UK? We don’t have as much information here–they are weeks ahead of us in UK and South Africa. Yet they continue to try to terrorize people with their fear porn.

But I am ready for early treatment should we get it. I have quercetin, zinc, H1 and H2 blockers (pepcid and benadryl), a bit of leftover steroid if any of us gets sicker, ivermectin, cod liver oil, NAC, aspirin, black seed oil, vitamin C, D, A, etc., B vitamins (they are finding out niacin may be important), and more. We have peroxide over the counter mouth wash, a nebulizer for steroid med and which can be used for dilluted peroxide, nose sprays, the latter stuff lowers viral load.

So far none of us have had covid. Before Christmas, my kids all got it, unvaccinated. My daughter and her husband mostly sailed through; my son got much sicker, needed monoclonals and a steroid which did fix his breathing immediately, but caused sleep deprivation and hallucinations. But not hospitalized and his oxygen never dropped below 92. We are unvaccinated here except my 90-year old father who had two doses, but we do not plan to boost him since it’s clear it doesn’t last long for Omicron. We are all losing excess holiday poundage, walking and exercising. And we have decided to let Omicron sweep through and see where things are in a month or two, but we will likely not get vaccinated. We do all qualify for monoclonals but the Biden administration has put ZERO and I mean ZERO emphasis on early treatments for people, leaving them to get so sick at home, it’s no wonder they die once they get to the hospital. This is criminal, so says RFK and I couldn’t agree more. They don’t suggest ANYTHING to these people,and let me repat: vitamin D, C, antihistamines, quercetin, zinc, black seed oil, NAC, pepcid, aspirin, peroxide gargles, nose spray, and nebulizer treatments should be STANDARD protocol–if they did only THIS, it would cut the hospitalization and death rate down to next to nothing. Ivermectin, fluvoxamine and monoclonals for people who get sicker (steroids).

But this virus has spread fast, but it hasn’t killed many more people than the flu in percentages. Omicron will infect even more, but kill even less. Yet the panic porn from the left is an incessant drone, or to mix metaphors –a constant drip on the forehead.

Meanwhile, besides the one relative we know who died, there are 20,000 deaths reported on the VAERS CDC website (hundreds of thousands injured, some permanently). We know THREE people with horrible cases of Bells Palsy which may not resolve. Several young women with heart problems. This cousin’s own wife was harmed by the booster shot and spent a week in the hospital with heart/blood pressure/auto immune issues that haven’t resolved.

But none of that fazes him and you can see why–they are actually upset about this being over and their attempted authoritarian rule with it.

Reading anything has felt good, but RFK has reassured me that we are ok with therapeutics. They have anti-virals coming out (a bit dicey) and there’s one monoclonal that works — if these idiots would get it to people.

So like the UK folks think, perhaps God knows better than these idiots –who created this thing in a lab, Fauci supporting and funding gain of function research — and He sent Omicron to eliminate more lethal strains, a mutation that moves so fast it might eradicate it and achieve herd immunity before these dipshits can make some other vaccine for it (which will cause more mutations like these have done so far and another reason to control society), and like them, I feel hopeful and no idiot cousin of my husband’s is gonna throw cold water on that. Their ability to control people should come to an end soon and like the UK folks say, we’ll have five cold viruses around instead of four.

Keep a good thought and don’t let them get to you! I’ll leave you with the article:

6 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Hope

  1. My sister today bragged to the family that she, her husband, and their oldest son (14; he fainted after the first shot) are all boosted up.

    Just be prepared to hold on tight and stick to your guns. You won’t be alone.

    And tell your cousin to mind his own damn business.

  2. I’m old and obese and thus got the first two shots for whatever good they would bring, but that’s it. Screw the boosters. The government has no right to force healthy people to be vaccinated with experimental sera so the investors in Pfizer can make megabucks. Hold your ground!

  3. Yeah, it’s an odds/risk thing and everyone’s health issues are different. I understand why he got the shots. I am a bit older, but have no major health issues (though I’ve been very stressed and not exercising–the stress level needs to come down–I did a few things to manage that tonight or I WILL get sick). My husband has some heart issues and things and my son has Downs so I really agonize over them, yet there’s so many deaths and injuries (we know a LOT of injured people–THREE who look horrible with Bells Palsy –two young women with heart problems -in all the years I don’t anyone hurt by flu shots). The shots just scare me, too. And we do have therapeutics. I hope this Omicron is a gift from God. Thanks for your note! I saved a few of your posts to look at tomorrow. I was watching my Rams (Matt Stafford) screw up, but the Lions beat the Packers. Of course, Aaron wasn’t in the second half. So anyway… happy Sunday.

    1. Yep, it sure is. Getting even more important now that these vaccines don’t even work against Omicron and the history is pretty unsettling. Circumstances like FDA and NIH owning patents, actual individuals benefiting. Things that impact the whole industry.

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