carnivore Dreams – Red Light Therapy

Wow, big picture. I just ordered this for myself.

I have Hashimotos Thyroiditis which is an auto-immune disease, where your body attacks your thyroid gland. This is not a happy situation as our thyroid gland regulates nearly every bodily function we have. And mine acts up especially when I’m stressed.

And my life is another soap opera of disasters where as we get my dad over another bout of pneumonia, (and I managed to stop having “exploding head syndrome” — Phil, I tried the duct tape but it kept getting stuck in my hair when it wasn’t stuck to my fingers — BUT … I think curing the ear crystals I developed– that gave me nauseating BPPV vertigo– by giving myself the Epley maneuver repeatedly –and sleeping two nights in a nearly upright position — all of which helped with everything except SLEEP–but I think also cured the exploding head AND the headaches I was struggling with — with which I was struggling, I should say).


And all’s well that ends well.

I wish this wasn’t all true. (Except for the duct tape. Nice suggestion, Phil, but I thought better of it.) All as I was trying to do all our taxes and of course, the idiots haven’t sent all the statements I need to do that.

So, back to the thyroid. I had never heard of this red light therapy before, but the studies say it lowers the antibodies, can restore some cell growth in the gland, and many people lower their thyroid med dose. Since it is part of the spectrum of the sun and I’m a sun and light worshipper, I ordered a small-ish one. They have huge ones that cost thousands of dollars and they all apparently also fixes wrinkles and grows hair (in which case using that duct tape will only get harder). I am not sure all the health benefits it touts, but I am excited about trying it. It arrives Tuesday. And I even bought a how-to book for all the ins and outs. If I like it a huge one that can be hung on a door might be a substitution for the infrared sauna I always wanted but likely will never get. They apparently have both red and near infrared light in them.

So I’m thinking of turning my bedroom into a workout space. I have an exercise bike, a few weights and someday a really nice red light on the back of my closet door and right outside the French doors, the hot tub and a quick roll in the snow.

(I don’t think I’ll advertise that I have a red light in my bedroom, though I’m not likely to get much action these days anyway).

You won’t be surprised to hear I didn’t write anything again. Since even the bathtub water still makes me feel woozy, this was the first I could do much of anything.

Taxes tomorrow, a bit of house cleaning Saturday and football on Sunday (GO Rams –Matthew Stafford deserves to win Super Bowl — wouldn’t that be fun?) Not much cooking or anything either.

Happy Friday.

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