carnivore Dreams – Red Light

I’m excited. My new red light near/infrared dealie is here! I can’t wait to try this thing on my thyroid issues and my skin and all. I know vitamin D is NO replacement for the sun for me. I need the sun. So I feel optimistic about getting my exercise and my light and getting better on my diet. Will report in. I’m reading a book about it that I purchased but hope to at least know enough tomorrow to get a session in.

I am also still cautiously optimistic Omicron will get rid of this pandemic or make it a manageable endemic (and thus get rid of the Nazis). I’m so encouraged by the Canadian truckers standing up to these people. Let me CLUE you in, elitist Justin Trudeau (and Joe Biden), you can’t function without truckers, and you can’t fire them or replace them fast enough. My husband drove a truck when the economy crashed in 2008–he had a high-powered project manager job with a developer at the time and all those jobs dried up. Truckers are the real people who make this world go round. My husband learned a lot about life and humility driving that truck — which allowed us to keep our investments and not go bankrupt. You think you people have the power? Nope. THEY do and ultimately, WE do. They never had the right to impose mandates of any kind on people and they sure don’t have the right to mandate vaccines that do not stop the spread — the ONLY reason they might have had to do it. They still didn’t have the right — but they’d have an argument. They have nothing now. And the plan to control everything we do from cradle to grave went out the window as England, Scotland, Denmark and more drop all this nonsense. How much longer do the fascists think they can do this here??

So if they keep it up, they’ll have American truckers doing the same. And we are willing to pay the price in supply chain issues to get these people back in their lane (pun intended).

Let’s see. I also feel good because even though the taxes are not totally finished and need tweaking, I know how bad it’s going to be or pretty close.

And I feel good because my brother is coming again for ten days this summer and I can plan a little trip away in our rv.

So, there were studies done saying this light improves thyroid function and even heals it, so I am convinced I will have much more energy to get back into my work. (It also claims to reduce wrinkles and grow hair, ha) I have done a bit of writing. And when taxes are done, I think much of this might come together. I had my blood drawn today to check thyroid function and see if I have covid antibodies.

I’ll be happier yet when this wave goes through here and they have monoclonals back for my son Josh (who has Downs). We have been isolating since he would have been eligible before, but now he isn’t because of the government limiting the supply (or not making enough of it –not concentrating on therapeutics or early treatment) –utter incompetence.

So happy Tuesday.

7 thoughts on “carnivore Dreams – Red Light

  1. I really, really hope that the truckers in this country drive to Washington and tie up traffic on the DC Beltway in both directions so no one can get in or out. Of course, in this country we have little fascist dictator governors who will likely order their state police to take extreme measures to break up any convoys, but I’d like to think that the cops will just wave them thru. I’m not Canadian, but damn, aren’t you proud of them?

    No, Viamin D3 supplements are no substitute are not a replacement for your body making its own Vitamin D, but the supplements are at least something. I know I’m taking them because I don’t get out much… That was another thing that was supposed to help fight the virus. I’d like to sue Fauci for malpractice for his part in keeping Ivermectin and hydroxychloriquine off the market,. (Actually, I’d like to hang him from a lamppost like Mussolini…)

  2. You have that all spot on! My son-in-law is a higher up sort of, I think he is anyway, ha– at Schneider Trucks in WI — his mom was secretary to the boss, so they at least both are in on a lot of the scoop. Joe says they closed their Canadian office and none of their drivers have to be vaccinated. I imagine they might lose some money if they stood up like Canada, but they might be our last chance at freedom. They are amazing. And the fake news calls THEM fascists. New York Times. I hope truckers EVERYWHERE say no. THEY could save us. There are quite a few cops who won’t stand with these people. They are worrisome, though. like you say. My husband thinks they will go with the fascists if it comes down to it. They might have before but not sure after how they’ve been treated. But yep, I’m proud of them. They say they can go months. I hope that’s true. And they are enlisting our truckers. When the cases drop, it will be interesting to see if US goes as England, Scotland and Denmark have gone. Gonna be hard for them not to, but then this has been completely astonishing. Fauci should be fired immediately.

  3. Hi, found your blog via John. Very cool (pun intended?)
    I’m so proud of the Canadian truckers. If nothing else, it sends the message that plenty of people will not just follow along like sheep. One can only hope it’s the beginning of the end of the “Nazis”.
    I look forward to updates on your red light near/infrared dealie.

  4. Hi Abby, which John? My son or our friend John? Trying to get context. Yes, will be updating on the red light thing regularly. Thanks for the comment. And yes, I’m proud of the Canadian truckers!

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