Carnivore dreams – Hope Springs Eternal

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Don’t you love that photo? It can pick up even the dreariest day.

Been reading some Jordan Peterson this morning — and some Animal Farm — my new morning ritual. I can’t stand reading contemporary self-absorbed literary drivel anymore, but there is much to restore the soul in the classics. Read the classics and some “antidotes to chaos” as Jordan would put it. Plus a few pages of Tim Allen’s I’m Not Really Here. Tim is the antidote to despair.

Jordan’s section is about personal responsibility–choosing what’s right by rejecting what’s obviously wrong. And about not avoiding things because they are difficult–that void you see, that chaos, may be your opportunity to engage in life as you were meant to.

Through this pandemic, it seems people are big on writing things about not judging people or taking stands–that not engaging is the better part of valor–their response to a contentious world. “All it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.” Edmund Burke. And many times, doing “right” simply means saying what you really believe–exercising your freedom to do that. That doesn’t have to be judgmental or personal–it just means living out loud — that liberal phrase I hate that usually meant revealing deeply personal things nobody ever needs to know—after all, nobody really needs to know details of our bathroom habits or every single negative impulse we have–a difference between honesty and burdening the rest of the world with idiot minutia. It just means standing up quietly.

Like truckers are doing all over the world.

My husband had to drive a truck for three years or maybe four when he lost his project manager job in 2008 and nobody was hiring. It’s a basic, difficult, lonely lifestyle people can’t really appreciate unless they do it. But it’s a heroic one. These are people who rely on themselves and understand individual responsibility. They have the opportunity and power to stand for freedom.

And they are.

This attempt to define them as some fringe crazy racist insurrectionist group will backfire spectacularly and already is. The hubris of it all–that people should have to provide health passports to live in a world where the vaccinated are just as contagious as the unvaccinated. And that is just the tip of the iceberg for what they have planned. The left’s mark of the beast they intend to put on everyone they cannot control. I love how these people think you can remove them with bulldozers, freeze them out, slash their tires. All they need to do is simply stop trucking. You can move their trucks, but you can’t force them to drive them. It’s hilarious. That is seriously funny. That of course is what will come next if they call out the militia.

But this is how the left has treated half the people in the US–as if they are some fringe, white supremacy group whose interests should not only be ignored, but marginalized. “De-programmed.” Because only THEY have the answers. The left has handled nearly every defining moment as wrongly as they possibly could. Their characterization of Donald Trump as “authoritarian” is laughable since when you ask them just what he did compared to this fascism, they can’t answer you. While these people put parents on terrorism lists. And every one who questions election integrity (after they spent FOUR years trying to overturn one by lying and weaponizing the justice dept.) Not one of them can answer you. Donald Trump was fascist only because they said it over and over. And lied about him. Demonstrably so. He was “authoritarian” because he simply called them the liars they were. He didn’t stop them from saying it; he just called them out on it.

He stood against this globalist crap. And their establishment power.

And they hated him for it.

They thought they had the power to force their views on the world by intimidation, censorship and fear. Oh, and money. And they are finding out they have no power at all and that if they don’t treat people with the respect they deserve, they will lose.

They are losing.

The truckers are standing against a globalist elitist movement, a movement getting picked up all over the world, and they represent a huge majority of people who have no intention of giving up freedom. It’s the 60’s again and all those people like Neil Young who stood up for freedom of speech are now in league with the devil. They reveal who they really are — their views are the only views and given power, they are drunk with it. Nobody else should be heard. They were frauds all along.

If the government gets violent instead of giving in to freedom, they will not only lose spectacularly, they will lose their very souls if they ever had one.

So it is becoming plain to these people their authoritarian tactics are not going to work. They are terrified.

So all it takes is for people to simply refuse to be quiet. Some people will do more, like the truckers, but it’s not about treating anyone poorly. It’s simply about being true to oneself. There is no virtue in not telling the truth.

Hope springs eternal.

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