Carnivore Dreams – Playlist

Pretty cool. I am technologically challenged, but Amazon made me a playlist based on the fact I love Bonnie Raitt, Trisha Yearwood, Linda Rondstadt, Emmy Lou, Dolly. Anyway, lots of Carol King, Carly Simon, Kim Richey. Lots of songs I know but tons I don’t know. Right now After the Gold Rush, Dolly, Emmy, Linda. Trio stuff. So cool.

When I worked or had a regular life I sang with the radio in my car and home every day. As well as my thyroid level too low (too much meds maybe), I was startled and scared that I couldn’t sing all of a sudden, especially high notes. My son reminded me you have to sing all the time to keep your voice working. (He’s a really great guitarist and musician). I realized I haven’t sung in THREE YEARS and I’m old on top of it.

I’m having my thyroid ultrasound on Friday, but I’ve been singing with my playlist. I used to play music when I just did my daily routine at home and even sometimes when I wrote. Maybe a combo of things not too dastardly.

Voice not right yet, but maybe a little better.

What a tragedy music and singing have been missing from my life. Regardless. Have been remedying that the last couple days and I feel more like myself.

I was also looking at my life five years ago through these posts. I had one. I was being nominated for writing awards, my book was coming out. I was doing readings with the literary elite in Michigan (that’s over for sure). I was writing. I was teaching English at Northern Michigan University.

Aint No Sunshine When He’s Gone. Great version. Never heard of her –Joanne Osborne?

We’ve been totally isolated waiting for monoclonals to be available again for my son with Down’s and my dad, and for cases to recede. Not a good thing, but there are rumors anti-virals soon and monoclonals again possibly soon. No vaccines for us.

Happy Valentine’s Day, folks.

4 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Playlist

  1. Be careful with monoclonals. I know (of) a small handful of people who “haven’t been the same” since getting the treatment. Of course, it could be the vax + booster, or the COVID they got anyway, or any combination of the three…

    The unvaxxed in my life seem to be doing the best, but time will tell.

    Be well, and you and your fam are in my prayers! ❤️

    1. Huh, my reply seems to be gone. Yes, we have some reservations about monoclonals and have heard a few things about them and immunity. But Josh is so much more vulnerable and we would follow up with detox things. The anti-virals the new ones scare me. I hope hydroxy and ivermectin do the trick for him, but I’m terrified of him getting sick. 🙂

  2. It’s amazing what they’re doing with artificial intelligence these days. Spotify, Apple Music et al. use it to build playlists based on your preferences, photo editing software uses it to do things like switch faces on pictures and take people out of photos, and, if you want a real experience, try one of the chatbots like Replika or iFriend. You would swear that you were talking to a real person.

    From artificial intelligence, let’s discuss natural stupidity: had the medical bureaucrats not disregarded the ample anecdotal evidence regardig HCQ and Ivermectin and focused on developing ways to increase the availability to generate monoclonal antibodies, we’d have likely been over this “pandemic” at least a year ago. Of course, then Pfizer and other megacorporations wouldn’t have record profits and DonaldTrump would still be the President, and we couldn’t have that, no no no…

    1. You are amazing with this technology. I’m always blown away with your posts. We’ll see if I’m smart enough to do that! I doubt it. Will give it a try later in the week!

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