Carnivore Dreams – Lucid Portals

I recently listened to a podcast on lucid dreaming. It was interesting. People asked questions about out of body experiences in contrast, etc. There was indeed a difference, yet this guy did talk about exactly what I am exploring in my life (and in my fantasy novel).

If you dream about someone deceased you love (or not), is it just a dream or is it a portal, an actual meeting with that person. Dream-walking — the name of my book. the Native Americans believed these dream figures (sometimes animals) were spirit shamans that took them on life journeys. This guy talked about trying to contact his deceased father about something in his dreams –and other dream figures were talking him out of it. He decided his father wasn’t ready to be contacted.

I’ve had that very idea. My mother shows up more than she used to, but there’s an emotional distance — and I never get to ask her the question: WHO told her my son Josh would be born with Downs (see my general info on my blog). I think my mom and I solved much of the conflict between us long before she died, yet we all hurt her a lot. Not in any big way. She felt loved by how much people did for her and I imagine how demonstrative they were. That left all of us lacking because she would have loved to have permanent slaves–even her friends waited on her, went to the store for her. So we tended to put up barriers and not help her as much as we should have. Which I’m sure felt like we withheld love from her as well.

But I have not gotten the feeling that she was keeping her distance because she was angry with me; rather, it felt like she didn’t think it was time to tell me –or for me to deal with some things. Some growth I needed maybe.

But like this fellow talking about creativity and lucid dreaming, he views dreams (as Jung maybe did and as many more “primitive” cultures always have) as gateways not just to ones’ unconscious but to parallel universes or glimpses of other times (Einstein’s idea of time all concurrent). Some spiritual journey. I found some resources to other ideas along these lines that will help with my novel.

And maybe my life.

I have my playlist going. An old CD I used to have by Kim Richey, then back to a general playlist. And I’ll do some singing.

I am going to edit my memoir/cookbook some today, get in some time on the stationary bike, my red light (not ready to report on this yet, but this is no small thing), and hit the tub. I need to have my hair done, but I think I’m a month away from that–reminds me need to make an appointment. So might put a color on myself here in a couple days.

Had my two eggs. (105 year old guy just died and said he secret was two eggs every day of his life with my very rationalization–eggs have all the nutrients needed to make a whole creature, so what could be missing?) Maybe some hamburger, some mussels, some grass fed butter, lactaid, some nice coffee with heavy cream perhaps. I’m taking just cod liver oil right now and planning to add in some liver supplements and a general multi-vitamin I’ve ordered if I tolerate it. Got to put one thing in at a time since I’m also lowering thyroid med. Need to be very careful I can tell what is what. Cod liver is working for now. Good source of vitamin A and D and omega 3’s.

Happy Tuesday, all.

4 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Lucid Portals

    1. My daughter set this up. I notice a couple other people have that where you have to go to the site to even like something. I do have a like button. Look for it once you get to the site. I don’t know how to fix it. Ha.

  1. I’ve had dreams where deceased loved ones – mainly my mom and grandma – visit me. They’ve been brief but very comforting and “real”. I’ve had other dreams where they show up, but feel like “regular” dreams. I like to think the former were true visits.

    It’s a curious thing, your mom knowing of your son’s Downs before his birth. I dreamed of my youngest son before he was born, He sort of “unzipped” my belly, popped his head up, told me “I’m a boy and my name is…” (we didn’t know his gender before he was born). Then he crawled back in and zipped up. I woke up, told my husband, and the rest is history.

    1. Yeah, apparently your dream is one of the more common “lucid” dreams or “prophetic” dreams–I’ve read quite a bit about it. People dream ahead quite a bit about disasters or deaths as well — like this fine line between “out of body experiences” and dreams, there is a fine line between a dream and a waking “vision or premonition.” And of course, you throw in Einstein’s theory of Time and alternate universes and dreams become “portals” like jumping off that bridge in Kate and Leopold. Interesting stuff.

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