Carnivore Dreams – Babushkas

My best friend is Ukrainian. Well, she was born here, but her dad was born in the Ukraine. Her husband is Polish. Hard to imagine what they are feeling these days.

There are no words to describe what is happening in Ukraine–imagine this guy–a comedian/president who I’m sure had no idea he’d be embroiled in this mess–refusing safe transport out of Kyiv–and instead asking the west for ammunition. Other members of parliament asking for guns. Imagine being this guy and going down with his ship. Or those heroes telling Putin to fuck off.

Can they win? The odds so stacked against them. But let me tell you, these are tough people. My friend is maybe the toughest person I know.

So who knows.

After watching the nightmare in Canada, you have to ask yourself if the Babushka battalion will be needed here. There is one thing that makes the US different than any country in the world. I was thinking it was just “freedom,” but it’s clear how flimsy that idea becomes, and how manipulated by the fascist left. A word that seems to have no concrete, tangible meaning. No, it was our forefathers’ genius in making us a Republic, moreso than that, a federation of STATES. States that have power to stand against a tyrannical central government. That construct is saving our asses right now. Moreover, they even put in place a safe-guard — a convention of states — to oppose such government overreach. The convention of states has real drawbacks, financially and otherwise, but in case of extreme emergency it takes 32 states to take power away from Washington. They have 17 states or maybe 18 currently.

The left is trying to strip states of their power with this “election reform” crap, packing the Supreme Court, or adding states to the union — not to mention using vaccine mandates–in unprecedented attempts at a power grab that would leave them indefinitely in power and in control of our lives from cradle to grave(except that they have underestimated Hispanics–divine justice that they open borders to them just to find out they are family, religious people, who just came from socialist nightmares and will not be voting with them long). I predicted this 20 years ago and there are signs that’s exactly what is happening.

It’s ironic that they call Donald Trump’s “America First” fascism because he opposes this new Great Reset, world order. The good news is they are overplaying their hand and we see clearly where they intend to go. He still hasn’t called out these elitist globalists, many of whom are huge corporate/technical billionaires, quite like one would think. Yet he is starting to. My theory has been that as a billionaire he (not at all a perfect person–just a regular guy), knew what was going on with this World Economic Forum and their plans, he had to be aware of this group, and he tried to stop them. In 20106. He didn’t underestimate his charisma, but he underestimated how evil they truly are. They still think they can control the narrative by accusing their opponents of everything they are doing–despite actual evidence against them. Evidence none of which they had to accuse Trump. They have a compliant, ideological media–and where they don’t–they plan to censor and punish dissent–something nobody would have believed possible in this country–and something I am still not sure they can pull off. I think he thought to tell everyone this in 2016 would have invited attacks of “conspiracy theories” and alienated some big business people possibly. So he simply said America First, close the borders.

Babushkas. We have our own version of the Babushka army here.

Leftist fascists –until Trump — were subtle. They simply took over all spheres of influence: the media, the universities and education, and Hollywood. While we underestimated the insidious nature of their doctrine-we thought them naive and silly–nobody would really believe them –when they were far more dangerous than that. Even those idealistic, naive people are dangerous because they are any “ends justify means” people. People who don’t understand that any time the rights of one individual are compromised, we ALL lose something. So the times the rights of the whole trump those of the individual must be weighed carefully and exercised with extreme judiciousness. They don’t understand that principals are more important than their radical agenda. That nebulous “freedom,” real freedom is all we have.

And that means tolerating dissent.

But now we see them clearly.

I have said repeatedly if the right or my fellow libertarians were behaving like this, I’d oppose them with everything in my being.

This is the first time I’ve seen this silent conservative party stand up to these people instead of letting them push them further and further left by accusing them of being heartless–though the politicians are mostly useless. Populism has dangers of its own–our forefathers also protected us against a tyrannical and easily-manipulated majority. Still, that really isn’t possible in this country unless these leftists succeed in removing states’ rights. Never moreso than now do I appreciate the brilliance of our forefathers. There is no perfect government, but such as one can come close, they pulled it off. The idiot left is lying about the whole right being “white supremacists.” And that Jan. 6th was an “insurrection.” Then so were the attacks on the capital and burning the church after Trump was elected–he had to be put in a bunker–yet you never heard anything about that. Those people were armed. Just like the group in Canada, Jan. 6th people were peaceful. Almost all of them.

They are hiding the false flag operation of the FBI (look into the Whitmer kidnapping and the entrapment of that), hiding 13,000 hours of video, and the fact that those doors had to be opened from the inside, and they were. Many of those people were waved in. No one had a gun. Insurrection my ass. It was a protest that got out of hand, incited probably by them–like they planted instigators in Trump’s rallies before 2016– and it is almost shocking that they even had minimal success at such a ludicrous narrative.

Such are those following these leftists.

Hitler and Stalin manage to gain power by erecting a common “enemy” — here, that “enemy” is Donald Trump and anyone who opposes their march into conformity and socialism and a world government utopian fantasy. Covid should have shown everyone how dangerous this is–and it seems it has. The whole world seems to be waking up to it.

And don’t sympathize with a Bernie type left who claims this totalitarianism is the fault of the establishment moderate liberal Democrat party (they have done horrendous things), but the utopia of the far Bernie left is not possible without that totalitarianism–as socialism has always beget.

Ways to stop them:

Don’t support any company who supports censorship or socialism–banks like Bank of America, businesses like Nike, investment groups like Blackrock, social media like Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, google. i don’t like buying from Walmart due to so many goods from China, but they are better than Amazon. We need energy independence and to make more of our essential goods. Look for places to support that. Don’t give up on religion–though it has had its excesses in the past, it is still the way out of this–people who give power to the “state” are totalitarians, when freedom is endowed on us by our Creator, or at least from inside ourselves. Don’t stop talking, simply use the rights granted to us under the Constitution. Though political lines are being redrawn between those who believe in those rights coming from God or from within us, to those who believe in the state — or even a global state, yet we can still be compassionate even if we have lost friends. Mostly, take charge of the education of your children. Know everything they are being taught, be involved in it (no parents shouldn’t have total control over what is taught, but they should have input). Home school if you need to–our biggest mistake was handing over the education of our children to a bunch of crazies. Stand up against government mandates, regardless of your personal position on vaccines or anything else.

Be tough, like my Ukrainian friends. Even if it appears the battle is lost, we can still win the war.

Happy Sunday, folks. I’m roasting a turkey today –an extra one we received over the holidays. I woke up at 4:30 and couldn’t go back to sleep, thinking about our financial future, missing my late mother, plans for my husband to work a while longer–risks of disease since we are all unvaccinated including my son with Downs who has several indications of Lupus.

So I’ll get it in the turkey in oven at 1, and close my eyes for a while. I’m making a traditional bread stuffing because my father loves it, and sending my husband for at least canned cranberries since he just wants those. Yuck. I do like my fresh ones mixed with apples and brown sugar some, but they aren’t on my diet anyway.

It will smell good in here and remind me of my childhood which now seems idyllic and like another world. Heaven.

Posts on diet/red light/and my novel upcoming. I finished my memoir/woodfire thingy and on to my revision of the dream novel. Much has changed since I roughed it out, so I anticipate extensive revision. Will start that this week, though I need to make a trip to the bank to open an extra business checking account, and a better cleaning of my house.

How are you all holding up?

2 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Babushkas

  1. Well said. My wife and I are holding up. I’m pushing 73 and her 70, so of course we are worried about the financial future of our country which would greatly effect ours if Biden keeps up his search and destroy mission. We noticed bare shelves at our local HEB yesterday, so the crap has finally found it’s way to Texas. Best wishes to you and your family.

    1. Hi Phil, Yes, I worry for my kids and grandkid(s) — one so far and maybe that’s it! Hmm, I was hoping Texas wouldn’t be in the midst of so much “crap.” Yellow Rose of Texas. My dad’s favorite movie — Giant. Not sure which role he saw himself in — maybe the James Dean role, though he probably saw parts of himself in Rock’s role as well. My mother was as pretty as Liz. Well, close anyway. Be sure you keep it red down there! Might need to move there.

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