Carnivore Dreams – Last Starburst

I bought a bag of Starburst for my grandson who just visited (and gone already). I watched them drive off with my usual (these days) intense sorrow since I just do not see them often enough and I’m not handling that well amidst so much grief on every level.

When JM left, he left a few in the bag along with some empty wrappers. Too big a temptation and I ate one, then figured I’d eat the rest. I had been coughing a little and feeling congested which due to my allergies might not indicate the crud, but my will power had ebbed.

But as I reached for the next candy, it occurred to me to empty the bag and find out just how many were left, so that when I ate the last one (off my diet), I wouldn’t do it with a lack of awareness, that I’d appreciate that last one in the way it deserved.

Life is a series of Starburst.

Happy Monday, folks.

4 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Last Starburst

  1. “so that when I ate the last one (off my diet), I wouldn’t do it with a lack of awareness”. What an interesting thought/ strategy.

  2. This post is not about the simple Stardust but goes so much deeper. I keep chocolates in my bedside drawer and I eat it consciously too…when I need some cocoa to elevate my spirits🙂. Hugs.

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