Carnivore Dreams – Dreams

No, these are not my seedlings from this year, but I started them in the medium sized pots shown on the left rather than the egg carton size. We’ll see if that works out for me. Hopefully things will grow ok and save me transplanting them. Some seeds will be direct-sown into garden in a month, potatoes and lettuce going in early and cucumbers andI think parsley. I’ve given up on green beans, peas, pumpkins, and cilantro. But I have Petunias and some other flowers, tomatoes, peppers, thyme, basil, oregano, and more started under the grow lights.

AND my garlic is coming up outside! I used to have good luck with it downstate and miss growing it, so we’ll see how it does. Planted it in fall. Here you can see sprouts:

And we are replacing all the wood around my mom’s square foot garden area and around the garage. Hoping to get a yard guy to take up all the bricks, clean them, re-lay them and put in some sand with concrete that won’t let things grow like that moss. Not sure we can afford that this year, maybe next. But the new wood will be nice. Much of it was rotted.

I dreamed about my dad. He was instructing me to do something, I think, and he was younger and healthier. He could walk around without walkers and help from us.

The good news is that our doctor friend called in a strong antibiotic (after the hospital doctors refused to give him antibiotics despite an abnormal chest x-ray and told him to go home and die) and he’s feeling amazingly well–so well he is taking us all to the casino (I don’t usually gamble at casinos. I like playing blackjack lawnmower or poker at home), but he wants to give my husband and me $100 to gamble with and then we are eating at this five-star restaurant, amazing steakhouse with all my favorite things to eat. We’ll go Sat. Dad is going for a haircut on Thurs. and to the dermatologist. Big week for him.

So the key will be to just get ahold of 750 mg of Cipro twice/day for 14 days if he gets aspiration pneumonia again along with a steroid if necessary and if we DO have to do emergency rooms (his oxygen had dropped very low), we have them take us to Petoskey. I wrote the hospital two letters, one four page one — talking about what horrible care we received at the hospital. The other with pictures of him playing black jack at the casino three days later. They are doing a formal investigation. I am insisting they take off the “lewey body dementia” diagnosis that idiot slapped him with–old people can get very strange just with a bladder infection let alone pneumonia at the same time. His neurologist has diagnosed him with mild cognitive impairment. I hate these people. Occasionally you get wonderful doctors and you need to hang on to them–they are few and far between.

Imagine national rationed health care when this already sucks.

My day: Reading some Jordan Peterson and Kierkegaard, my red infrared light, strength yoga, then some editing of my Time novel, a hose down, then hamburgers for dinner, fries in the air fryer for Dad and Josh –and salad for my husband. Probably some eggs for me along the way and a bit of liver and/or some canned smoked mussels and liver supplements instead.

Happy Wednesday.

2 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Dreams

  1. I’m thrilled to hear your dad is doing better. I hope you all have a grand time this weekend. (Casinos aren’t my favorite venue, either, though in this case, of course, I would gladly go.) I also hope the growing season’s good for you. Garlic is tasty and healthy, and I must admit I’m really fond of good tomatoes. Replacing the wood around your mother’s garden is a smart thing to do. And to re-use bricks, now or later. Dreams are often jarring, though maybe you enjoyed the younger, stronger version of your dad.

  2. Thanks, Christopher. Yeah, I always think it’s nice to see my late mother or my dad as his old self. It seems so real… Thanks for the good thoughts, as always. 🙂

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