Carnivore Dreams – Matt Taibbi

I think it’s ok for me to repost this in its entirety since there’s a share button on there.

Everybody needs to watch this video, though I warn you, you need a strong constitution to do so. This is why I could never be a Democrat, a liberal or approve of the WHO. I don’t need another issue. This is barbarism and heart breaking. You don’t treat dogs like this. And this is part of the Democratic platform. Maryland just went around Larry Hogan’s veto to make abortion legal any time until moment of birth. Maryland joins about 8 other states who have the same laws, most of them blue states other than Alaska.

But this shouldn’t even be a partisan issue.

It’s flipping WRONG. If you can’t figure that out, there’s something seriously wrong with you. It’s this kind of thing that has divided this country and this world to an extent there may be no going back. And it’s not about religion.

I reluctantly and I say reluctantly am ok with abortion up to 8-10 weeks or a heartbeat to protect women whose birth control fails with a health condition like severe diabetes, or is raped. And a woman’s life comes first. But this is insane. Keep scrolling down and you’ll see Youtube video and then Matt’s link below. Not sure what happened with these heading things but I can’t delete them.

Matt TaibbiApr 12133229

Matt TaibbiApr 12133229

First, here’s the Youtube link in case you can’t open Matt’s link.

You really don’t need to see anymore than this anyway.


2 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Matt Taibbi

  1. A very thought-provoking and unexpected piece.

    I am deeply conflicted about abortion. On the one hand, I think it’s murder; on the other, I don’t think government has a place in medical care (that should be left to patients and doctors). I’m trapped in a logical conundrum: how can I abide murder not being prosecuted? Yet, at the same time, I have compassion for the women who have subjected themselves to this terrible thing—“Forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

    We have murdered SO many babies, and some actually CELEBRATE this “right” we have. How dare we judge the blood-thirsty Mayans? THEY conducted human sacrifice in the name of their gods; we do it in the name of convenience.

    I believe in the sanctity of life. When a civilization stops revering life and actually condones the murder of babies, adults aren’t far behind. Look how the elderly were treated during COVID. This is a terrible time to be vulnerable.

    I hope you’re well!

    1. Well, not the greatest. Dad has had some hard patches and my husband got this crazy fever and couldn’t move a muscle, had lumbar punctures, couldn’t figure it out, some weird virus but two days in hospital — now my son Josh with Downs has a cold, testing negative, but a cough and nose going. I’ve had a sore throat, so staying away from Dad. Just eating too much and lying in a pile. So never got around to answering this. How are you doing?

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