Carnivore Dreams – I’m not Done with orchids

Gees, this picture keeps going in sideways and I don’t see any tools to rotate it.

Anyway, did you see the movie Adaptation? The guy was obsessed with Orchids until one day he said he “was done with Orchids.” Weird movie with Meryl Streep. But it turns out I am not done with orchids.

My daughter gave me this one a year ago Mother’s Day. Or for my birthday a year ago March. It bloomed a while and then they fell off. I put the plant in my room just waiting for it to die since I know nothing about orchids. It had dust all over it and I’d forget to water it for weeks.

I’m superstitious about plants. I once had a Ficus tree that loved our glassed-in porch where we raised our kids and lived twenty years. As soon as we moved, it died and our bad luck started (not that it was ALL bad, but mostly). And it’s gone on a long time.

So this morning, I look and this orchid is gonna bloom again. Just one stalk instead of two, though I see other leaves or shoots starting. I don’t know how I missed it shoosting up there (as Lisa would say on Green Acres). The orchid and I made it through one LOUSY winter, the worst of my life. It’s hard to believe either of us are alive.

Fighters. I’ve seen them around me for the first time in a long time.

Time to wipe the dust off me and live again. I know there are still bad things ahead, but I’m a believer in synchronicity (that’s how I experience spirituality), and I know this is a sign. I may be dusty and ragged, but I aint DEAD.

Happy Sunday, folks.

One thought on “Carnivore Dreams – I’m not Done with orchids

  1. I’ve never met an orchid I haven’t murdered, save the sole beauty I gave my mom the Mother’s Day before last. It’s still going strong!

    Lest you feel alone in your endless stream of bad luck, remember—I’m right there with you. I suppose things could get worse (we have a place to live and food), but…I don’t want to think about it.

    Ever get the feeling we’re being prepared for something REALLY hideous? I do….all the damned time.

    Here’s to strength in misery! ❤️

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