Carnivore Dreams – Reinvention

My dad passed away a week ago yesterday. I’m not ready to say much more about that right now. But he died at home and peacefully in his sleep with his family around him. I guess it doesn’t get better than that.

Elon Musk just helped flip that Texas House seat. I thank God for him. This push for illegal aliens was always going to backfire on these people because Hispanics are not socialists. They are family people and religious. Divine Justice. But Musk supporting DeSantis is going to influence a lot of people and his stand against censorship is truly a blessing. It’s sad to think we need to hope a trillionaire can save us from tyranny. Quite a few people going after these WEC globalist elitists and it sounds like he is one of them.

Finally, one of my friends and readers (thanks Susan) suggested I switch to Substack which does not censor or rarely, and is free. I already support my civil libertarians there like Glenn Greenwald, Matt Taibi, and Dr. Malone. Alex Berenson. I will probably be making that switch, at least writing there for a bit. Right now, I’ve written nothing, and it’s presently called LEKimball’s newsletter. I think. Ha. I may write over there a while and see how I like it and possibly make a permanent switch. Not sure if I can promote my past and future writing in the same way — I’ll have my daughter help me set it up. I’ll import all of my followers if so. I may find a wider audience there.

But right now, not sure when I’ll get back to my literary writing or my blogging. A while probably. Doing some chores around the house and trying to figure out what exactly I do now after three years of care-taking (I still care for my son Josh with Downs — so not like that will change totally–but at least he’s mostly healthy for now).

But I’ve exercised, walked my dog, watered my garden (in the 90’s today), and now Josh and I are hunkering inside with the AC and watching the Tigers lose (so far) to the White Sox.

I hope you are all well today.

14 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Reinvention

  1. Sad to hear of your Dad’s passing. I know it was a struggle for him from your post in the past. Hang in there and keep on writing. Here in Texas, it’s so hot it takes your breath away. Our plants are being tortured by the 100-plus heat and 30-mile-per-hour winds. Yes, the lady from south Texas pulled off a huge upset. Hispanics, at least the legal ones are not socialist and want nothing to do with it. There is hope yet.

    1. Hi Phil, it does indeed sound hot! Our temps went from 97-67 in a day and only 63 today. Our wind direction off the bay is always huge, too. Thanks so much for your good wishes. You haven’t been writing as much lately either? Well, I should get out there and tend to my garden, as a matter of fact!

  2. My condolences on your father’s passing. I hope you find solace in your writing. Thank you for mentioning Substack, I’d not heard of it before.

    1. Look into it. Some great writers on there that I follow already — probably the greatest venue for free speech and ideas out there right now. Thanks for your good thoughts. A very sad time for me.

  3. Lynn, I was so sorry to hear of your dad’s passing last week. I knew he’d been on Hospice. It’s still hard when it happens though. He was such a kind man. He was so sweet to me when my dad died and we spread his ashes on Lake Michigan. My thoughts are with you and I know you’re wonderful writing will help get you through this time. 💕

    1. Shannon, we’ve both had to deal with this–Rick and I were just talking about things he did which at times –for me–were almost heroic. Because he knew he was flawed and wasn’t afraid to say so. That quality made me who I am now — and our friends get us through this. People like you. I have had a hard time writing well for quite a while for a number of reasons. Maybe finally I can get back to it. We’ll see. Thanks for the lovely post. It means so much…

      1. I don’t know if you know how much Rick appreciated everything you were doing for your Dad. He told me he was so grateful for you.
        I don’t know if you ever heard the story about our parents in the early 1950’s. Apparently the four of them went on a double date in Detroit somewhere. Then fast forward 10 years and they’re all at an Open House at Wilkshire for their kids. They run into each other only to find out they’re all married each with a daughter and son, exact same ages, and the two boys are both named Richard after their fathers. When my dad was dying he was very happy he knew he would have his ashes on Rick’s boat, appropriately called Evelyn.
        I’m sure you know the grieving process comes in cycles. I went through a period on not being able to sing with my Sweet Adelines group. I couldn’t stand the sound of music. You will be able to write again with greater depth and insight I’m sure. Thinking of you with love.

      2. Shannon, Yes, I know Rick appreciated it. He was very supportive. You know that story about our parents floats back to me now. I had forgotten it. Great story! I definitely forgot about your dad’s ashes. It’s surreal after such a long haul, to think of Dad gone. It’s harder because I miss Mom all over again. I imagine I’ll write again, but not right away. Much love, Shannon. Where are you these days, I’ve forgotten! You were always such a sweet girl. XO

  4. Lynn, sorry. The way you took care of your dad all these years is so selfless and loving. You are an amazing daughter. I don’t know what else to say. I pray you and your family share happy memories of your parents. Sincerely your friend Steve.

  5. Lynn, I woke up this morning thinking about you and when we lived in Romeo. I was wondering how your father was faring and did a google search to find he passed recently. I am so sorry to hear this. I know how much he meant to you but he seemed to have a full life and lived it well. My thoughts are with you and your family. So glad to hear Josh is doing well. I found some photos of Hillary, Josh and John recently from when we lived in Romeo. I would love to send them to you when I find the box again (ha, trying to organize things, get tired of doing it, move boxes out of the way and now, which box is it?) I miss you! We will catch up one day I am sure. Much love ole friend.

    1. Hi Donna, thank you for the kind words. Yes Dad passed two weeks ago tomorrow. Seems like a moment ago. I was just talking about you. I have a neighbor friend who took me for a drive a couple days after Dad died, up to Leelanau, did some wine tasting, and had dinner. I was telling her all about you, the magazine, and how you were some kind of genius and gifted at most things–like cooking. I will never forget that birthday dinner, or that pie you threw together when we visited you in Frederick. Email me about the pictures and we’ll talk soon. XO

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