Carnivore Dreams – Monsters and Dreams and Wakes and Things

Isn’t she great? I love her. No batteries or anything in her yet. All my monsters came today and the Halloween candy. I come from Romeo, MI where we get national tv shows made about our decorating. Nobody seems to do much here, but I don’t care. Once I get my cauldron bubbling and my witch costume on, the little kids will be terrified. Got to position them not too close to the candy, though. But with my witch’s costume on and the bubbling cauldron, we should be quite the terror zone. The zombie went off and scared my dog but it doesn’t seem to go off much. Probably better. Scary sounding.

Here are the other two:

He’s gonna be pretty cool once I light him and get the tags off him and last but not least, zombies peeking out from under the ground cover.

I love them all!

I haven’t been writing. We had my dad’s celebration on the 21st and I’m trying to get my bearings. I have felt worse after the funeral which I knew would happen. Very sad here at home now. And quiet without his tv blaring 24/7. I wrote a nice eulogy and managed to give it somehow. Maybe I’ll post it this week. Today I am writing out thank you notes and probably rest of the week, getting his memorial book in order. I guess these are things you do.

His death was a long time coming, not the shock my mother’s was of a massive stroke at 64. But just makes me miss her all over again.

Been dreaming a lot, but not concentrating on my lucid dreaming or working on my novel yet. I dreamed my dad was alive but my brother died and I had to tell my dad that he’d been hit by a car walking down the road. God, that was awful. I’m really glad it was the other way around. That would have been a horrendous nightmare for sure. Terrible dream.

My diet has been a bit hit and miss. I’ve added whey protein and I’ve built a lot more muscle and strength, but need to get back to not cheating on keto/carnivore. I eat salads in summer and some garden fare since I love to garden. The cucumbers and peppers are coming on like crazy though the tomatoes were sparse this year. Got to go back to Early Girl. Tried an organic variety. And my second crop of lettuce is germinating and starting up now. My garlic was great and harvested all that and the potatoes. Will replant garlic next week. And need to use my small greenhouses earlier to get the tomatoes a better start next year since I do them from seed. I might cheat the tomatoes next year and buy them and get them under the mini greenhouses early. Or do half store bought and half seed. I’m moving some things out of the garden area, flowers and bushes so I have more area. My dad didn’t want to plant as much garden as my mom so put in some flowers and bushes on the end. Also going to do some landscaping and moving of hostas next year as well. But need to take pictures and get some landscaping design advice. I also have a neighbor very gifted at design of all sorts and her brother is a nursery guy as well. Says I can move my stuff around.

Better get to my thank you’s. Happy Tuesday.

4 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Monsters and Dreams and Wakes and Things

  1. I’m glad you’ve got something to look forward to—I’m very impressed by your decorations! We’re always that house that doesn’t turn the porch light on for Halloween. :/

    Sending you the very best thoughts! ❤️

    1. I love Halloween! I love the fall. It’s particularly poignant this year, of course. We get about 300 kids here but they don’t decorate like our town downstate did. I’ll start watching The Good Witch movies soon. And Practical Magic an Hocus Pocus an stuff. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas but Halloween is most fun. I’ll probably scare the little kids to death. I scared them a couple years ago and not nearly this scary. I used to get terrified by this lady who dressed up like a witch and sat in her window. We had to walk right by her to get the candy. But we love her.

  2. I was lucky after Mom died: her sisters volunteered to do the thank-you cards.

    Sounds like you have quite a garden growing. Have you seen where some people grow their tomatoes upside down?

  3. You mean those hanging tomatoes? Upside down? I’ve one that if so. Definitely not had great luck last couple years but need a greenhouse situation partly. Hard to find them already planted upside down up here like I used to get them but could do them myself by ordering the bags. My sister-in-law and daughter did so much work putting things together, movies, and food. I did eulogy an got some odds and ends together so don’t mind doing the thank you’s. But they are taking a while. Will finish tomorrow and get them out by Friday.

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