Carnivore Dreams – Lindsay Graham

Lindsay Graham is kind of a wimp, sometimes right, sometimes wrong, but usually looking for a parade he can get in front of. The conservatives are all pissed at him for introducing this “national abortion ban” — or so the left calls it.

I doubt if Lindsay really has any personal conviction, because he doesn’t really seem to have any other than meddling in wars we should stay out of, but maybe conservatives should think this through a little.

Because of course, it’s not an abortion “ban” at all and I believe it leaves to the states the right to still ban or rein it in further. I would object if it took away states’ rights to do that. But what it is is a ban on sheer barbarism which is who the left has become: barbarians.

It affords conservatives the ability to point out that the left is insane. Americans with a moderate majority approve of abortion within the first trimester, which is really 12 weeks, yet many states have picked 15 weeks. Except for the physical life of the mother or some exceptions. France and the UK legalize it to 15 weeks. Only other barbarian countries like China and North Korea legalize it up to the moment of birth.

Why in the world are we paying for these people to butcher human beings, dismember full term babies, up to the moment of birth in ANY state in this union? When you can hand out birth control or morning after pills? Safer and cheaper and certainly less brutal. Many of the babies dying on operating tables are Downs people, the mostly lovely people on the planet (I have a son with it). When there are people waiting in line to adopt them? The fact that the left is calling this an abortion “ban” shows them up to be the horrible people they really are. Conservatives are so frickin’ bad at controlling a narrative EVER that they can’t see this helps them point out how terrible these people really are–and they are terrible. It’s amazing to me how people don’t vote them out on this one issue.

Conservative critics don’t like a national law at all, but at least this would be legislated, not decided poorly (worst decision in history, even Ginsberg said it was) by 9 unelected officials. And in my opinion, Lindsay (probably by mistake) has drawn the line in the sand and shown them up for who they are.

This WILL hurt the left in moderate America who reluctantly approves of abortion in the first trimester if these people are smart enough to frame it properly.

But it never fails to amaze me conservatives’ ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Instead of using it to their advantage, they’ll simply fight amongst themselves like they are famous for.

2 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Lindsay Graham

  1. RBG told the Democrats years ago that Roe V Wade would be overturned someday and suggested that they codify it into law if they wanted to be able to control it from Washington. Instead, after 49 years the Supreme Court does what RBG warned them was going to happen, and suddenly “women are being stripped of their civil rights!”

    Some of the laws that have been proposed are a little too stringent, like criminally investigating women who have miscarriages, and I can even go so far as to say that restricting it in cases of rape and incest is a little draconian (and certainly, using it to save the mother’s life goes without saying). Still, restricting it to the first trimester seems to be a reasonable compromise. But still, with all the alternatives to unwanted pregnancy (birth control pills, IUD’s, condoms, diaphragms, sponges, jellies and foams, and good old abstinence), it seems it should be almost unnecessary.

    I read the other day that better than half the deaths in the Black community are caused by abortion. Makes you wonder what they’re really up to…

    1. Yep, they should be handing out birth control or morning after pills. Ridiculous to use this as a manner of birth control repeatedly. And we have to pay the insurance rates on top of it. But at least Graham’s bill points out how truly repulsive and barbaric these people really are. They have no humanity, no morals, no responsibility for their actions. What’s new. Pretty much describes liberals. And that goes aside from any religious view–it’s just stupid and careless and cruel. Things you wouldn’t do to a dog. Still, I am for some exceptions and if they were able to rein it in to 15 weeks when babies feel pain, everywhere, that would be at least something. Of course the fake media is calling it a “national abortion ban.” The are such lying despicable people.

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