Carnivore Dreams – Diet Update

Flank steak

I haven’t written much about my diet or my dreams lately.

I’m feeling more focused, and I think I have important diet tips to share, so here you go.

I decided that I would try a different strategy. And that strategy is to increase protein, lower fat slightly. I tend to eat a bit more carnivore except in summer months with few vegetables. I have fewer hip issues when I don’t eat plants. But the biggest experiment has been eating more protein calories and less fat.

I still eat full fat cottage cheese and drink full fat milk some. And I eat some bacon. I also eat a little lamb. But I try to eat at least 100 grams of protein now but keep my calories about the same. That meant more meat, but leaner cuts. I substituted ribeyes for New York Strip, flank steak, and sirloin. Lean pork and chicken some, but they are somewhat inferior protein sources. Atlantic salmon is good, and I should get that back in my diet some. So 100 grams of protein means some cottage cheese, 3-5 eggs, and at least 12 ounces of meat for me.

But older people need a lot more protein than they recommend–like twice as much at least –to keep muscle tone. I do some strength training and walking and need to get at least some HIIT back into my routine –once/week. I always take Sunday off, but the strength training is much more effective with more protein. Muscle burns calories and fat off your frame.

I decided to stop watching the scale and just work on muscle tone and body composition. It changes over slowly and it’s easy to panic and go back to less protein, but I’ve persisted, and I definitely am feeling stronger now and firmer. My clothes are slightly tighter cuz I’m getting my J Lo butt back I had when I was much younger, but I have fewer, FAR fewer, heart palpitations, less shaking in my hand, fewer mood swings. Much more even mood. Oh, and I was getting these white pigment, not white, like clear patches they said was sun damage on my skin, and they seem to be filling in. My skin is much better. So my skin problems were lack of protein. I think my wrinkles are improving as well, maybe wishful thinking.

My only complaint is my hair seems a bit thinner, but I was so stressed when my dad passed, (and I can’t afford to have my hair done every six weeks so it will be over two months when I go on the 29th–the gloss gives me body, but the time before last they charged me $400! I got them down to $300 but even that is a lot.) So those issues may be contributing to that.

I cheat some, but I find if my protein is higher, it doesn’t turn into any kind of extended binge. Fewer craving and I still eat protein on days that I do that. Usually cheating is hard candy or a coke. Not good, for sure, but I keep it to a minimum. I do drink some wine a few nights/week.

I only take a thyroid pill, a multi-vitamin and sometimes vitamin D and astaxanthin. I just started a special probiotic once again. This one claims to help dental health, though they usually don’t agree with me. I’m allergic to yeast. So we’ll see how that goes.

I’m dreaming but so far haven’t focused on lucid dreaming. I will try to get back writing, dreaming and reading more this week.

We are headed to camp to stain the posts and trim and close it up this coming weekend–since we have not been there once this year. I miss it and plan to be up there a lot more next summer.

Some lamb chops for dinner and some cottage cheese and eggs later on. Had some bacon this a.m.

How are you all doing these days?

Happy Sunday.

8 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Diet Update

  1. Whatever you’re doing sounds like what you should do, especially the part about ignoring the scale to work on your physique. I think if you do that, eventually the weight wil come down. Continued success!

  2. I think a huge part of the American diet and issues with being overweight has to do with all the refined sugars/carbs. When I cheat I might eat a cookie and I drink beer. I refuse to give it up, especially given that a large part of our lives revolves around homebrewing. But yes, more meat has made me feel infinitely better.

    1. Yep, sugars/carbs and additives, for sure. Which I think cause inflammation. Home brewing! Sounds nice. I like dark beer, but don’t drink it much. You can’t give up everything all the time. Enjoy it!

      1. No, if you give it all up, where’s the happiness? Maybe that works for some but not me. I enjoy a dark beer too; we have an oatmeal stout on tap right now that turned out well. We are fermenting a milk stout now and hoping for success.

  3. Wow, I love stout. Do you have a business? Are you married? I love wine, so I drink quite a bit of that–not really allowed on carnivore, but fine on Keto. Not giving up coffee or wine. Coffee especially. I love it. We do have a lot in common, it seems!

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