Carnivore Dreams -Happy Halloween

So I’ll have to ask my friend John how to embed movies–I have no idea. I was just smart enough to make a couple on my phone.

We had about 500 kids here when we usually get 300. I had to go to the store. Lovely weather here.

2 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams -Happy Halloween

  1. How fun!

    We had our traditional “lights out/play possum”, mostly unnecessary as our street has few (if any) children left anymore and the fams that do leave for more fertile grounds.

    I hope you’re finding your footing—with Matt now out of the house and the hope for grandbabies all but gone, I’ve turned my attention toward my beautiful niece and her new baby. Every Monday morning for the past month (and for as long as she’ll let me), I make the 30 mile drive to her adorable townhouse and I give her a few hours’ reprieve to nap, shower, shop, clean…whatever she wants to do. And we visit. Her sweet, young, ambitious architect husband works long hours (“Now’s the time for that!” I counsel), and the transition from Special Ed teacher/Disney performer to housefrau has been a challenge for her. So I’ve been busy falling in love with her baby. ❤️

  2. It sounds FABULOUS! I have a new grandniece as well, but they live far away. She sure is adorable, named after my mom. But we had so many kids last night. It was fun. A couple of them had really neat costumes. Been gorgeous here. Sat in the sun a while today!

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