Carnivore Dreams – Blood Moon and New Omens

Perched. It feels like we’re perched on a precipice. Is the red moon a harbinger of things to come –or it IS. It definitely IS. But is a good omen or a bad one? I wrote a story once about how it was impossible to tell good circumstances from bad. When something good happens, it might not be as good as we think and when something bad happens, it might lead us to the next good thing (which one must not put too much stock in). Circumstances. Not to be truested ever.

But I’m glad it’s not a BLUE moon. Anyway. I’ll get up or stay up all night. It begins at 3 a.m. here and peaks at 6 a.m.

It’s a portent. A total eclipse has never happened on election day.

But for me, it’s a good portent regardless of the outcome of the election. Here’s why.

The last four years or so have been tumultuous for me since I was cancelled from Michigan’s literary community and from my adjuncting queue all because I wasn’t lockstep with the new woke-ness of the left. My son has gone through testicular cancer (and survived it though it looked dire at first). My husband has had some health challenges. And my father passed away in June after my being caretaker for the last three years. I’ve lost mentors and friends. I’ve lost my writing identity since I’m so turned off my not just the literary community, but perhaps the whole literary style of writing.

Ok, that all sounded bad. But even though I’ve had to completely revise or reinvent myself (still in process), I’ve managed, I think, to hang on to the couple friends I really cared about. I didn’t lose any family members, perhaps strengthened those relationships. And I have come to realize that what is happening here is meant to be–yes, in a spiritual sense. Even if evil motives triumph tomorrow (and I don’t mean everyone who votes different than I do are evil–I mean the power brokers ARE).

Somehow things will right themselves. Late term abortion is nothing but barbarism and murder and that can’t stand long anywhere but evil places like China or North Korea. Socialism, destruction of the family can’t stand, atheism, either. And they won’t. And here’s why I have faith:

Demography is destiny and one can see divine justice in the works. I knew 30 years ago when we rented our apartments to Mexican migrant workers that they were no socialists. And they are becoming conservatives fast. The young women running in Arizona are amazing. They are articulate, passionate, and awe inspiring. As one puts it “We believe in God, family. hard work and Freedom.” I capitalize the latter. They are abandoning this globalist, socialist, atheist, elitist ideology faster than I predicted all those years ago.

When they came, they always paid the rent. They brought rabbits that ran loose in our apartments — and cock roaches with them sometimes just because of the climate down that way– got too many people in an apartment, but they were hard working, always paid the rent. The neighbors who often were behind on their rent complained some because the Mexicans had big family Christenings and gatherings. I always liked them. We had to have interpreters to talk to them. One woman’s husband dropped dead at age 40 of a heart attack. She was one of the few people we worked with on the rent. She got help from the church as well, went back to school, got a great job and moved out within two years. She was awe inspiring.

This is just a matter of time. Cubans already know what socialism sounds like when they hear it — and the rest of the Hispanics are following quickly.

I didn’t think this would be in my lifetime.

These Democrats are on tv talking about how if you use your democratic right to vote and vote against Democrats, our democracy will end. Outrageous. DEMOCRACY IS the BALLOT. Of course, they ARE saying that the military may get involved in “cyber-attacks” — right? Machines they claim are NOT on the internet, right? Like the FBI “helped” with our last election and suppressed the Biden corruption.

But somehow it feels eventually good will prevail here. If not immediately, soon.

We must have faith in humanity. There are more good people than bad.

And another hopeful thing. I was always worried that Muslims that came here wanted to set up a parallel form of government and didn’t want to be Americans or treat women right. Yet I’ve heard several of them sound just like Americans–worried about family, education, and freedom and worried about these woke crazies. (I still worry a bit about women).

But it feels good to me long term.

So keep a good thought. And vote for freedom–our right to speak. While all humanity may not hang on this election and we still might not recognize good from bad, it’s important to stand up for freedom–that is what sets America apart and if they don’t destroy Elon Musk, we may triumph on that, too.

Be well, folks.

2 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Blood Moon and New Omens

  1. I’ve always had a fondness for Mexican culture—and the people are often beautiful besides. My BIL lives in Arizona in a predominantly Mexican community. It has a high property crime rate, but violence is low. Every night someone in the neighborhood had a BBQ, and there is festive Mexican music playing throughout the evening. Kids run wild with the chickens and dogs. It feels like LIFE—unlike my own, nearly silent (but for the noise of the freeways that are nearby) So Cal neighborhood.

    Rome is falling, regardless of the elections. It’s time, but I’m not happy about it.

    Heaven help us.

  2. Rome is falling, huh? We are definitely in trouble no matter what. We’ve lost confidence in our elections and freedom right now. If conservatives get both houses, they will melt down of course. I don’t know. You could be right, either way. Why is it “time?”

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